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  1. Our Gameserver has a lot of interesting features, but so far we never shared details about them, which is what I want to change with this blog post series. In this post, we'll talk about the "automatic Lobby Karma System": In modern internet forums (such as reddit), where you can up- and downvote content and if the votes are negative enough, the content disappears. The very same is happening to the lobbies in the TDUniverse Game Server. If a player can't connect to some lobby, it is "downvoted". And if it's below a certain threshold, the lobby is closed. When player A tries to connect to player B, we can't tell if it's just player A's faulty connection or if player B is a bad host. That's why both players get negative karma, but we have big enough thresholds to account for that. Also, players with too much negative karma won't be able to vote either (i.e. increasing or decreasing other people's karma). If you want to experiment with that system, feel free to have a drive on our game server, as well as using our discord bot's debug command (!lobby). If you just want to drive, however, don't worry, the system will ensure you have a smooth ride in the background. The bot is just for curious nerds. See you on the roads, MeFisto94
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  2. + TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 AUTOPACK 1.85 Ferrari Red Pack Total Overhaul "" + ============================================================== Guys be prepared for massive changes now. This part of the Autopack will not include only brand new 14 cars, but and new arangement of the all italian shops, including ferrari shops because of the huge numbers of italian brands and cars, but and because it include my "Real Performance" project, to wich base will be and all next parts. Sorry for the long waiting, but here we go again - 14 brand new cars again for all of you: 1.Ferrari LaFerrari FXX-K - created and improved by StarGT, Sound Ferrari FXX, gauges from StarGT - replace Ferrari FXX Evoluzione 2.Alfa Romeo 4C - created and improved By StarGT, sound by ramon1991cobra, gauges from StarGT - replace Lotus Evora Solar Crown 3.Maserati Levante S - created and improved by StarGT, sound by ramon1991cobra, gauges by StarGT - replace Audi Q7 "Chris" 4.Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale- created and improved by StarGT, sound original for now , gauges by StarGT - replace Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider 16M 5.Ferrari FF - created by StarGT, improved by StarGT, sound original , gauges by StarGT - replace Ferrari 612 Sessanta 6. Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione- created and improved by StarGT, sound ramon1991cobra , gauges original - replace old Ferrari 599XX 7. Ferrari 575 Maranello - created and improved by StarGT, sound original game , gauges by StarGT - replace Ferrari 599 China Edition 8.Ferrari 488GTB - created and improved by StarGT, sound by ramon1991cobra ,gauges by StarGT - 9.Ferrari 355F1 - created and improved by StarGt, sound by MichaelB450, improved by mitkop81, gauges from StarGT, Placed at italian classics 10.Ferrari 330 P4 - created and improved by StarGT, sound by Ramon1991cobra ,gauges by StarGT, placed at italian classics at O'ahu 11.Ferrari 250GT Berlinetta Lusso - created and improved by StarGT, Sound from Ferrari 308, gauges by stargt, replace Ferrari 308 Racing School Asphalt 12.Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio - created and improved by StarGT, sound by MichaelB450, gauges from StarGT 13.Aston Martin DB4 Zagato - created and improved by StarGt, sound by Ramon1991cobra,gauges from StarGt, replace Jaguar E-Type Racing School Asphalt 14.Pontiac Firebird Trans Am - created and improved by StarGt, sound by Ramon1991cobra, gauges from StarGT, placed at world classics Fixed, improved, added and changed files at the original game: New at this Autopack - total overhaul of Italian Dealers, Italian Classic Dealers and all Ferrari Dealers at both islands - no more repeated cars at the shops. Massive overhaul of all cars with much realistic performance New Ferrari 355F1 Berlinetta sound, created by MichaelB450, improved by mitkop81 Fixed Pagani Huayra sound New List of overhauled shops: Italian Cars North oahu Italian Cars West Ibiza ============================= ============================= 1.Lamborghini Huracan 1.Alfa Mito 2.Lamborghini Aventador 2.Alfa brera 3.Lamborghini Gallardo 3.Alfa 8C 4.Lamborghini Veneno 4.Alfa 4c 5.Lamborghini Murciellago 5.Alfa Giulia 6.Lamborghini Sesto Elemento 6.Alfa 8c Spider 7. 7 8 8 Italian Cars South Oahu Italian Cars East Ibiza ============================ ================================ 1.PaganiHuayra 1.Maserati Grandturismo 2.Pagani Zonda 12C spider 2.Maserati MC12 3.Pagani Zonda Cinque 3.Maserati Levante V8 Trofeo 4.Pagani Zonda F 4. 5.Pagani Zonda R 5. 6.Pagani Zonda Roadster F 6. 7.Pagani Zonda Tricolore 7. 8 8. Italian Classics Oahu Italian Classics Ibiza =========================== ================================ 1.Lamborghini Countach 1.Lancia Delta S4 2.Lamborghini Diablo 2.Lancia Delta HF 3.Lamborghini Miura 3.Ferrari 246 dino 4.Ferrari F40 4.Ferrari 308 5.Ferrari F50 5.Ferrari 355 F1 6.Ferrari 250GTO 6. 7. 7. 8. 8. Ferrari East O'ahu Ferrari South ibiza =================== ===================== 1.Ferrari 599XX 1.Ferrari F430 2.Ferrari F2012 2.Ferrari 430 Scuderia 3.Ferrari FXX 3.Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider 4.Ferrari LaFerrari 4.Ferrari California 5.Ferrari FXX-k 5.Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 6. 6. 7. 7. 8. 8. Ferrari West O'ahu Ferrari North Ibiza ============================= ============================= 1.Ferrari F12 1.Ferrari 458 Italia 2.Ferrari FF 2.Ferrari 458 Italia Spider 3.Ferrari Enzo 3.Ferrari 488 GTB 4. 4.Ferrari 575 M Maranello 5. 5.Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 6. 6.Ferrari 599 GTO 7. 7 8 8 Fixed camerasingame - created by Kiborg-Dva New number plates - created by StarGT Database created by mitkop81, based to Xarlith's UP.04. Know Bugs: Is possible inside cameras to don't like to you, but that is the best for this cars at this moment. Special thanks to StarGT, Kiborg-Dva, Xarlith, mikop81, binbow, Fussel, Greg69, Reventon09, Damys, Ruslan92, twinturbo250, Phill, Gramadchukov, FRY34, MichaelB450, ramon1991cobra and every other modders that make this pack possible. Please forgive me if i miss someone. Special thanks for help from Xarlith with fixing database problem of BMW S1000RR and adding new rim set for Citroen DS4 and Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. Download ling for Autopack 1.8 Full version here https://dfiles.eu/files/kcfgzgmjd Download 1.85 from here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/atb4mx5dh36v445/TDU2+Autopack+1.85.rar iMPORTANT!!! This pack work only with unpacked game versions. Fully compattible with UP 0.4, and uncompatible with other created packs. Installation: WIth archive - just extract all files at your game directory. Unninstall - delete database, frontend, vehicules and sound folders and place there your backup folders. At folder sound have a folder optional music wich include new main menu sound. For all of you wich want to change this sound just copy the folder "musics"and place at your folder "sounds" This pack work only with unpacked game versions. Fully compattible with UP 0.4, and uncompatible with other created packs.
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