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  1. Actually install the base game from a .iso file. TDU Platinum is a mod, not a standalone game. Yet.
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  2. Hi, on my test drive unlimited platinum i decided to install the us independents update but now when i start the game the game crashes, can i fix this?, i dont want to reinstall the platinum mod again
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  3. Version 1.0.0


    What's up pals! After two weeks I'm back with this! ⓞ---------------Contributions---------------ⓞ I finally learned how to set up and tune real life sound samples! You can send me samples like this to make sounds of your favorite cars! ⓞ--------------------------------------------ⓞ ⓞ----------------Information----------------ⓞ This is a sound mod pack for Test Drive Unlimited with the Platinum mod. It includes a variety of sounds. It Includes: -BMW M3 E36 -BMW M3 E46 (Remake) -BMW M5 E34 -BMW M5 E39 -BMW M5 E60 -BMW M6 E63 Tuned Sound: -BMW M3 GTR -BMW M3 GTR MW The download includes the mod and a copy of the original files in case of uninstall. ⓞ-------------------------------------------ⓞ
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