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    Version 1.0.0


    Coconut island Foreword: If you see players mysteriously fly to a blank island during a cruise, chances are they have this mod. WARNING: DO NOT Use these new roads if you have a penalty meter: Car delivery missions will fail if you use these new roads! I know its tempting to use this as a shortcut, but stick to original tdu roads for now. Summery: This mod replaces an empty island off the coast on the east side of Oahu. This mod adds a new racetrack(Not based in RL) Complete with rumble strips, starting-line, Pole position. This map is a bit smaller than Surfer's island but much more detailed, and more convenient as you can drive there via two bridges. Known Issues Shadows, Yep... they still flicker like crazy, one day ill crack this problem Landscape messed up: very occasionally the landscape messes up, spilling onto the road, Remapping (Going to map mode spawn somewhere else then spawning back again)fixes the problem TDU road ruined: Unfortunately a tiny tiny part of TDU road had to be replaced to make the new bridge work. The area before was really nothing special, you wont miss anything. Map Half missing: The map is a little bugged when you look at from map view, but its fine. Installation: Warning: this will replace your world-map(The map in Map-mode), If you don't want to replace the world map remove Hawaii.bnk from the .RAR Extract files over Test Drive Unlimited directory files. It should replace 8-5.bnk, 8-5-1-2.bnk, 8-5-1-3.bnk 8-5-2-2.bnk, 8-5-3-1.bnk And that's that! Credits A massive thank you to the beta-team: Listed alphabetically BetaTGC, Mannard, NikTSG321, SiRiuS, tduiceman XtremeMan,
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    Version 1.0.0


    TDU2 Four Seasons Mod - Ibiza Summer - Map with more resolution at very far distances - ''Branded Gas Station Mod'' by XanderNL and "AGIP" gas station mod by MagicV8 - 1200 Different variations of vegetation (Short vegetation, dense vegetation, very dense vegetation) Changes will be made when changing island (Airport) or restarting the game Recommended to use Aniastropic Filter at 16x (graphic card configuration) IMPORTANT - Be sure to make a backup copy of the original game files
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    Version 1.0.0


    Time to re-discover the island of Oahu. Test Drive Unlimited Platinum pursue the objective to be more than a collection of many different mods in a pack, the objective is to deliver a whole new experience, a whole new way to play with endless possibilities to choose at your own demand, ready to go. The work being done is beyond the gathering of different vehicles, sounds and gauges from different online websites and packing them together, it goes further to new physics, brand new weather, compatible with HDiR, new world textures and also new music for background and radio statios. Test Drive Unlimited Platinum is a non-profitable project, made with the intention to enhance the gameplay of Test Drive Unlimited.
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    Version 1.0.0


    TDU2 Four Seasons Mod - Hawaii Summer - Realistic river color and shadows under bridges - Map with more resolution at very far distances - Optional textures and sounds - Willow tree texture made by Adm-RAL - ''Aloha'' Gas Station Textures made by Magic V8 - 210 Different variations of vegetation (Short vegetation, dense vegetation, very dense vegetation) Changes will be made when changing island (Airport) or restarting the game Recommended to use Aniastropic Filter at 16x (graphic card configuration) IMPORTANT - Be sure to make a backup copy of the original game files
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    ENB Config Final

    Version 0.3


    ENB Config v0.3 Final Here's my ENB Preset Config v0.3 Final. It has "only small" improvements as the Version before. - Reflection improvements on Buldings (Windows/Glases) - Reflection improvements on Cars - Color improvements Night/Day - Better Sky & Clouds (No more bloom intense Clouds) - small light improvement in Buildings (Houses, CRC, Cardealer) Known Bugs: - Sometimes the game crash when you minimized it. You can fix it. Press the buttons Alt+Enter to run the game in a window and than you can minimized it without crashing (thx Voodoo) - in races are the Checkpoints very bloom intense You can switch off the bloom if you want to drive a race (press Shift+Enter in the Game to open the ENB-Config GUI and search for EnableBloom) - same thing with bloom intense on the map and on the gps in the car - same with Paint Shop if you choose a white sticker - Some Markers over house or Cardealer have less contrast - When you drive in Cockpit view you can't see the bloom effect (at the most Cars) - Shadow Bug in front of the car at Daylight Switch on the carlights to fix this bug (Is not very helpfull i know) Fixed Bugs: - No more Lags when delete a text in the Chat or if BACKSPACE was pressed Bug Pictures: Shadow Bug in the front of the Car This Config contains two folder: - First folder (ENB Config v0.3) contains only the ENB Config v0.3 - Second folder (Modified Grass Mod) contains only the Modified Grass Mod by tomsolo (This Mod is only for the unpacked Version of the game)
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    Version 1.12


    ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.01 ------------------------- List of fixes in the patch: - Fixed the Caterham RPM gauge, where it went over than 8000rpm. - Fixed the issue with the BMW M4 Liberty Walk (Livery on) and BMW M4 Liberty Walk Akrapovic. - AI Bots have been re-worked. - New GPS now is displayed on challanges. ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.02 ------------------------- - Fixed Jaguar F-Type R Coupe displaying name as F-Type R Coupe (997.2). ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.03 ------------------------- - Fixed Russian language resources. - Replaced Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series sound. ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.04 ------------------------- - Fixed the race "The Dream in Your Fingertips" because it was not starting. - Fixed one apartament price in the database. ---> Extra features updated: - All fixes been added to the "Extra" database, for multiple prize cars. - Added a new extra and optional Expert level AI Bots. - Added 4gb Executables, as it fixed the issue with some vehicles dropping the fps, glitching the textures and crashing the game. (P.S. Thanks to Mondodimotori for founding this out! ) ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.05 ------------------------- - Fixed the wheels on the tuned versions of the Skyline GT-R R33 V-Spec - Removed the duplicated Triumph from the dealer. - Added 10 seconds extra in the gold time to the race "A Serious test of car control". ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.06 ------------------------- - Fixed Tesla tuning, where they could get in the tune shop, but not get tuned. - Fixed the lighting of the dealerships, reducing the intense brightness. - Added 2-Step tuning for FXX and Gemballa MIG-U1. - Added 2-Step tuning for Pagani Zonda R. ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.07 ------------------------- - Fixed rarity of Audi Quattro Sport. - Fixed engine type of BMW M4 F82. - Fixed and replaced some car sounds. - Reworked dealership lighting. - Re-ordered the days, so fog weather won't be displayed so often when you start the game. ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.08 ------------------------- - Replaced the sound of Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren and Audi R8 V10 Plus - Reworked the physics of BMW 850csi. - Fixed an issue with BMW M4 F82 Liberty Walk, where it couldn't shift gears when you retry an event in automatic gearbox settings. ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.09 ------------------------- - Fixed the pricing of Kit 2 for Ferrari F430 Spider. - Improved the handling for bikes. ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.10 ------------------------- - Added 2-step tuning for Brabus E63, Brabus SV12 S and Brabus ML63. - Reworked textures for Ferrari F355, Ferrari 348 TS, Ferrari F50 and Ferrari 599 GTB. ----------------- TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.11 ------------------------- - Reworked textures for BMW M3 E36, BMW M5 E39, Mclaren Senna. - Reworked texture of silver BMW Style 27 rims and BMW M3 E46 GTR standard rims. - Fixed the issue of missing material for Ford Focus RS, Nissan Fairlady Z (Z32) and Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo. - Added new set of rims for Audis and Ferrari Testarossa. - Added Lamborghini Huracán Performante Spyder and Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6l (W201) - Fixed sound issue with BMW M635csi - New license plate added Install: Just replace the files in the according folders.
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    Version FINAL


    Общие данные/ Total information Модель Model Volkswagen Toureg R-Line Заменяет Replaces Volkswagen Toureg V10 TDi Для игры For game Test Drive Unlimited 2 3Д модель из 3d model from Hum 3D Автор исходника Source Author Неизвестен / Unknown Автор Конвертации Author of Conversion Руслан Винник / Ruslan Vinnik Особенности / Features Качество модели Quality of the model +++++ Качество кузова Body quality +++++ Качество салона Interior Quality +++++ Функция окон Window function + Функция дверей Function of doors + Рабочая приборная панель Working dashboard + Рабочий навигатор GPS Working GPS navigator - Индикатор поворотников Indicator of turn signals + Освещение автомобиля Car lighting + SAY THANKS IN PAY PAL: [email protected] DOWNLOAD


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