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    v1.08 of the update is out. Brings small changes: - Replaced the sound of Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren and Audi R8 V10 Plus - Reworked the physics of BMW 850csi.
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    [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    In December 2006 I treated myself to a new rig - a Striker Extreme MB with a 6800 CPU and dual 8800GTX cards in SLi connected to three monitors via a TripleHead2Go. I very much enjoyed TDU at 3840x1080 rez, always playing offline. During family gatherings, as a fun activity, we would take turns to see who among us could rack up the most expensive ticket - I think the largest was around $250,000.00. Later I was a beta-tester for TDU2. It had some features that I really liked. But over the years I would always come back to play on TDU more often than on TDU2. There's something about it. During these years, I accumulated a very large collection of car mods for both games. Only a handful were not included in Platinum. Recently I bequeathed the rig to my son, opting to make do with a Gazelle laptop and Intel 4000 graphics. I continued to play these games but the frame-rate was a trifle lower. I waited eagerly for the appearance of both UCP and Platinum. That was a wait well worthwhile! I am now seventy-eight years young and I play TDU Platinum online with the Hawaiian Bliss environment, along with multiple profiles, and multiple custom license plates, both of which are choices in a batch file I use to start the game. TDU is now a fantastically enjoyable game thanks to all of your tireless effort and modifications. It is remarkable what your mod has done for a 13-year-old game. Sorry for being 'wordy', Milli. I just wanted to say, 'Thank You!'
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    Guys, been working on a modding guide, and i would appreciate a feedback on the layout. Bigger font? More contrast? What you guys think?
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    The complete incomplete car list?
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    She won a lot of races.
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    B Engineering Edonis on Platinum

    Actually you can buy a EB110SS and go to tuning shop and it becomes the Edonis
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    -------------------- Mercedes-Benz Brabus 900 Vehicle replaced: Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Converted by: Irina Raevskaya ( vk.com/tdu2mods ) Credits: GTA SA and other. -------------------- -------------------- Features: - HQ model - highpoly interior - raindrops on windows - working doors - working lights - working windows - dirt, paintable, stickerable - own rims -------------------- Download My mods : Моды для TDU 2 [ TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 ] / TDU-WORLD.COM DONAT FOR THE AUTHOR OF THE CONVERT OF IRINA - PAYPAL : [email protected]
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    Neon Genesis Evangelion

    There is one that is meant to be 2020... i don't really want to keep on waiting something else. Shingeki no Kyojin is enough of a wait for me. Why didn't you end it though? It's quite short.
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    I have uploaded it.
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    This world is for those who want to experience and enjoy the atmosphere of Hawaii differently, to the full, with new colors and atmosphere. TDU_Daydream ver. 1.01b ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is the assembly: - Based on the assembly of HFG, patched to the unofficial 2.00A version and includes 1208 cars. - The game is developed exclusively for the veteran mode. All characteristics are adjusted exclusively for this mode for realism. - Each car is as close as possible to the real characteristics (without taking into account the clutch) - starting from the curves of power and torque, ending with maximum speed, acceleration and control. - In this assembly has its own unique weather, some of the sounds and textures of its own design. In addition, asphalt and vegetation textures have been replaced, an HD patch of graphics has been added, an in-game ENB has been added, and Library.3DD has been added. The game supports resolutions up to 4K and 60fps, as well as expanding to multiple screens (via video card settings). - The game replaced the radio with my personal tracks and podcasts. Periodically updated. Want to listen or not - you decide. - As the game develops, all the cars will be fully developed in the future. What is different about this build: - Replaced asphalt texture - Replaced vegetation textures and posters (taken from Hawaiian Paradise) - Replaced the traffic lights on the LED - Replaced some traffic patterns - Grass textures created from scratch (thanks to Rt-Rt) - Replaced in-game radio and gradually updated - Replaced turbo sound (thanks to ZMZ) - Replaced the sound of the police (thanks ZMZ) - Created from scratch unique weather (cyclical, corresponding to real time with a ratio of 1: 2) - Fixed some traffic bugs - Increased traffic - Added feedback fix for Logitech G27 steering wheels - Added HD patch graphics - Added ENB - Added Library.3DD - Added an alpha version of your license plate - Fixed car reflections - Fixed some titles - Police capture time increased to 5 seconds - Police capture range reduced to 15 meters - Added your logo ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is new in version 1.00b: - Fully implemented Opel Astra 1.6 Turbo Hatchback 2010 - Fully implemented Opel Astra Sports Tourer Wagon 2011 - Fully implemented Holden Astra VXR 2005 - Fully implemented Opel Astra J OPC 2012 - Fully implemented Vauxhall Insignia VXR 2010 - All these cars have new physics, new sounds, fixed price tags, disks, tuning, and all the possibilities of upgrades and changes are open. What is new in the fix patch 1.01b (dated 07.12.19): - Fully implemented Opel Astra F 1993 GSi - Fully implemented Opel Speedster Turbo - Fixed camera with Vauxhall Insignia VXR 2010 - New sound for Opel Speedster Turbo - Removed from assembly Opel Astra V8 DTM - Fully implemented BMW M3 E92 - New sound for BMW M3 E92 - Fully implemented BMW M3 GTS - New sound from the BMW M3 GTS - Fully implemented BMW M3 F80 - Moved in tuning BMW M3 F80 to BMW M3 E92 - Fully implemented BMW M4 F82 - New sound for BMW M4 F82 - Updated BMW M4 F82 wheels - Fully implemented BMW M4 CSL - Updated BMW M4 CSL wheels - Dawn fixed in weather (9 o'clock) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sample system requirements for stable operation of the game: - 2x core processor with 2.4 GHz or higher - from 2 (and better from 4 GB) RAM - video card from 1GB or greater (Nvidia GTS 250 or higher, and similarly AMD (ATi) HD 4770 or higher) - free disk space from 25GB and above - specifically for this assembly I recommend the presence of SSD (solid-state drive with high read / write speed, modern analogue to simple hard drives), well, or a hard drive with high read speed (from 120 Mb / s) and a small delay (from 5 ms and less, buffer from 64MB and more). This is due to the fact that the game is demanding on the hard disk, as it has a large game world and is constantly working with compression of textures. To avoid tangible loads and loss of textures, this is especially important. See you in Hawaii! From SW. TDU_Daydream ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Link to download - https://hf-garage.ru/tdu_daydream Official group, Russian-speaking community and technical support - https://vk.com/tdu_daydream ____________________________________________________ P.S.: translated using Google Translate
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    What are you listening to?

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    Re-download v1.08. I guess you shouldn't have that problem anymore.
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    Hi Guys, This is R34 GT-R C-West kit for TDU2. This zip has only car bnk. Because you can use your own interior bnk. There are 2 different versions for your interior. RHD has Right Hand Drive Signal Lights. LHD has Left Hand Drive Signal Lights for different types of interiors. Replace: Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Original Convert by: Vitaliy997 Assembly and Re-Converting by Me (AnonymousModder) Thanks to StarGT for Bug Fixing and Texture Remapping. ENJOY... Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_eP06NgDdkmiYNUj-A6bV9vTmx2xwnRo
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    It's okay to have questions, Platinum is a big mod! About the Triumph dealer, I moreso meant that I was unsure if it was intentional or not. I haven't checked it myself As for the custom cars, I haven't added any yet myself but there's a bit of a tutorial in the Ultra Community Pack files, afaik it's the same for Platinum. You should be able to use any car for the slots, you'll have to replace the custom car files with the car of your choice. Then you'll have to set up the performance and wheels with TDUPE/TDUF from the mod toolkit. And for garage space, I'm unsure. Maybe there is enough for at least all of the dealership cars and a few hidden cars. Custom Car Tutorial.txt
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    church group
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    -------------------- Toyota Mark II 90 Tourer V Vehicle replaced: TVR Sagaris Converted by: Irina Raevskaya ( vk.com/tdu2mods ) Credits: GTA SA and other. -------------------- -------------------- Features: - HQ model - highpoly interior - raindrops on windows - working doors - working lights - working windows - dirt, paintable, stickerable - own rims - sound -------------------- Download My mods : Моды для TDU 2 [ TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 ] / TDU-WORLD.COM DONAT FOR THE AUTHOR OF THE CONVERT OF IRINA - PAYPAL : [email protected]
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    Have you tried the Challenger from the Chrysler Group dealership? The non-SRT one?
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    Change Camera FOV using TDUF

    Here is current state of cameras bin structure, see attachment. Interesting part below: { "name": "binoculars", "type": "INTEGER", "size": 2 }, Currently, binoculars information is read after 2 bytes data. It seems that only 1 byte is sufficient. That would explain why setting is cyclic. To validate this assumption, may someone test these values? - 16640 => should be maximum FOV (min zoom) - 16768 => should be medium FOV - 16895 => should be narrowest FOV (max zoom). Thanks. BIN-cameras-map.json
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    Knyazev : TDU2 Universal Launcher [v3.6]

    Patch server of TDU2 now works fine! link - http://patchserver.testdriveunlimited2.com/ (you can ping it) You can download game updates via original UpLauncher.exe But now I works with new launcher for TDU2 with checking & update game to the latest version of the game (if official patch server will be offline, I'll make the alternative patch server (mirror). Why? for TDU2 online)
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    Skyline R34 GT-R sound, update.

    Skyline R34 GT-R sound. ver0.4 released. I hope, you like this. ver0.4 Download link:http://www.mediafire.com/download/9y9oi7qrjb7cx5z/skyline_R34_sound_ver04.zip
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    Djey : TDU Modding Tools [1.16.3]

    Hey I've got an issue, tdu mt won't convert these 2db files, do you know why @Djey ? carshadow.2db environmentmapindoor.2db environmentmapoutdoor.2db grass.2db gravel.2db grounddetail.2db ocean.2db skidmarks.2db smokeball_wh1ss.2db smokeball_wh2ss.2db smokeball_wh6ss.2db smokeball_wh7ss.2db smokepuffalpha2.2db sparkles.2db sun_flare_0.2db sun_glare.2db whiteblobgradient.2db
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