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    Testing satellite photos for the map
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    Testing the snow
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    TDU2 Show-Off-Your-Mods thread

    Just awesome, Ramon1991cobra
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    Hawaiian Bliss v4.0 This mod contains my old weather mod, Hawaii Beauty Enhancer, revamped and improved. If you liked my old mod, you'll absolutely love this one! The mod contains: ~100 new textures imported and edited from TDU 2 & Hawaii Beauty Enhancement - these include road, rocks, trees, grass, bushes and many more! 5 separate in game days (and nights). Nights have a moon (texture from TDU 2) Vastly improved reflections! Greatly improved water V4.0 Pictures: Link to album of pictures (v4.0) Pink Sunset: Day 1 Sunset: Purple Sunset: Bright Sunset: Day 1 & 2 (compared) : Morning: Night time : Cloudy Morning: Cloudy Day: Cloudy Sunset: All pictures were done with HD300 draw distance mod. Anisotropic Filtering x16 was forced through Nvidia Panel. In-game settings were HDR: ON, Texture Quality: High, Resolution: 1920 x 1080, Anti-Aliasing: x4. Hawaiian Bliss v1.0 (OLD): Link to album of pictures (v1.0) The pictures were made using HDR Mode, standard/stock TDU textures and were not edited. Anisotropic x16 was forced through Nvidia Panel. Download link for the v1.0 version mod. The mod is made for and on HDR, but I've included a non-HDR version as well. It does work, but results may differ slightly from the HDR version. Especially during night time. The mod is also made for and on standard/stock TDU textures, using a texture pack may give you significantly different results. To get the same amount of clarity/detail in the game, you MUST force Anisotropic Filtering to x16 in your Nvidia Control Panel! Same goes for AMD alternative! Hawaiian Bliss v2.0 (OLD): Link to album of pictures. (v2.0) Changes to V2.0: Fixed bug with clouds not appearing on the Sky. Reworked HDR mode, no more constant change of brightness while using HDR! Completely reworked night mode for easier cruising and racing. Made changes to reflections, no more "glowing" cars on sunny days. Every weather has been fine-tuned for better cruising experience. Visibility increased. DOWNLOAD LINK V2.0 (OLD!) Hawaiian Bliss v3.0 (OLD): Link to album of pictures. (v3.0) Changes to V3.0: ~100 new textures imported and edited from TDU 2 & Hawaii Beauty Enhancement - these include road, rocks, trees, grass, bushes and many more! Fine-tuned darker weathers for better visibility Nights have a moon (TDU 2 texture) This mod includes HD100 patch DOWNLOAD LINK V3.0 (OLD!) Hawaiian Bliss v4.0: Tweaks to most weathers - vastly improved visibility Better fit with the new textures from v3.0 Small fixes on saturation in some weathers A bit lighter effects, more emphasis on subtlety DOWNLOAD LINK V4.0 How to Install: Download the mod (v4.0) Choose draw distance settings Extract it into your main TDU folder Enjoy! If you don't like the Textures OR Weather mod, you can download the original/stock TDU ones with the links below: Stock TDU Textures | Stock TDU Weather FAQ Q: Will I be able to play online with this mod? A: Yes. The mod does work online, however since online time scale is static, in game days will pass very slowly. Q: How long does it take to get through a whole day playing online? A: A whole day (sunrise to next day's sunrise) should take about 4.5 hours according to my calculations. Q: Can we make the days shorter? A: Offline, yes. An offline day should take about 30 minutes. Online time, however, is static for everybody. We can only make the days longer, unfortunately.. Q: But, kristiannn, I see you've added two sunrises, three mid days and two sunsets each day, what if we delete them? A: I've made it that way, so the proportions between morning, day, sunset and night are normal. Also, if we remove any weather sets and do not add more days into the rotation, this will only result in days being longer, not shorter. Q: Will my game run slower with the new v3.0 textures? A: Yes, there is an FPS drop between v2.0 and v3.0. If you are experiencing it, I would suggest using the stock TDU textures. Q: Which version to choose? (OFF/HD100/HD300/HDU) A: Pick the highest draw distance that can give you playable FPS. If game starts to lag, decrease the draw distance. Q: Does this mod work with TDU Platinum / UCP / any car pack? A: Yes! Install TDU Platinum (or any other car pack) and apply this mod after that. Known Bugs as of v3.0: - NONE I think that's all, if you have ANY suggestions, I'd gladly consider them. And please, leave a comment with feedback, I'm really curious to see if you like it as much as I do!
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    Maybe some files didn't get replaced or something. Anyway, I'm happy you got it working! Don't forget you can force Anisotropic Filtering to x16 from Nvidia control panel, which has almost no performance cost (maybe 1-2 FPS at most?) and it makes textures a lot sharper! I hope you enjoy it!
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    TDU2 unstable?

    I think you need to find out first when the problem started to occur. Was it normal before Unpack? How about at the time you installed UP0.4?
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    Hey! It seems like you've messed around with the weathers, because what you're seeing is the moon, but as a sun flare. I think it was "sun_A" that I replaced for the moon. To fix it, go to the TDU Directory/Euro/Bnk/FX/ and open Weather or Weather_HDRI (for HDR) and find these lines SUNHALO2DB = "sun_A" The halo is the sun flares that come out of the sun when you look at it. It seems like you've made your halo - the moon. On the weathers that you're using, replace "sun_A" with "sun_M" or "sun_I" depending on your preferences. If this doesn't work, just reapply the whole mod, something must have messed up in one way or another. Your HDR seems broken as well, because the sky is completely white, which I made sure never happens. Hope this helps!
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    I see, i hope it will get released soon, of if possible i would like to have the link in private if it's not planned to be released at all.
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    Time to re-discover the island of Oahu. TDU Platinum pursue the objective to be more than a collection of many different mods in a pack, the objective is to deliver a whole new experience, a whole new way to play with endless possibilities to choose at your own demand, ready to go. The work being done is beyond the gathering of different vehicles, sounds and gauges from different online websites and packing them together, it goes further to new physics, brand new weather, compatible with HDiR, new world textures and also new music for background and radio statios. New Physics Over 880 vehicles Correct color names Dedicated camera for each vehicle New weather - HDiR compatible New map textures New radio stations Easily moddable Easy installation Optional Russian language Toolkit - How to install - by HGCentral - Launch Trailer - First Trailer Images Modders and special mentions Djey Speeder Pator5 Minime891 Mondodimotori TDUZoqqer Combat-Shotgun Norby931 Miha2795 Tool831 2CV SUPER GT StarGT PhatPunk Reventon09 DriverTDU Takumi Acvet06 Doctor G DjoyTinnio Urban iLLusion Zebukas FenixZ Kvrt666 VDVS Opelos_HUN Tob-Racer MagicV8 Rulezzz VDV522 XtensoJDM t0m3k911 scuderia458 [email protected]= Sourkho And many other who have worked to keep TDU alive and interesting for so many years. TDUCk HF Garage TDULOG :: Test Drive Unlimited tdu.net.ru Drivers-paradise Without everyone, TDU Platinum wouldn't be anything more than a dream, so, all those people deserve a round of applause and we'll meet somewhere in Hawaii. -Always remember to make a backup of your game before you perform any modification. - For existing profiles, it's recommended to sell your vehicles and stay only with an Alfa Romeo GT BEFORE you install TDU Platinum. - If you're not feeling like selling all vehicles, just drive off the house with an Alfa Romeo GT BEFORE you install TDU Platinum, but this method might crash your game once you check some vehicles in the garage. - Original copy of TDU installed - CPU: Pentium 4/Athlon XP or better - CPU SPEED: 3 GHz - RAM: 2 GB - OS: Windows 2000/XP and above - VIDEO CARD: 512MB Video Card with Pixel & Vertex Shader 2.0 (NVIDIA GeForce 7600+ / ATI Radeon X1600+) - TOTAL VIDEO RAM: 512 MB - 3D: Yes - HARDWARE T&L: Yes - PIXEL SHADER: 3.0 - VERTEX SHADER: 3.0 - DIRECTX VERSION: DirectX 9.0c included - SOUND CARD: Yes - FREE DISK SPACE: 18 GB - Additional Google Drive link ---> Update Patch Q. Why does some vehicles display an absurd Top Speed? That's because how TDU was codded. Sadly, to get the gear ratios to work as they should, you must set the car's Top Speed as the top gear speed. Which means, the maximum speed that the final gear could achieve, regardless of it's power or drag. Usually, vehicles that have an "Overdrive gear" will display absurd values, since the last gear is really long, with the porpouse of fuel saving. Q. Ok, but why it is actually the Top Speed value is lower than the final gear speed? That's because TDU, by standard, adds around 10% more top speed. So, if a car final gear speed is 330 km/h, if you set as 300 km/h, in-game the car will reach 330 km/h. Now, if you set 330 km/h, the car will actually be faster than it should, and will reach 363 km/h. Deducting 10% of the speed makes not only the final gear accurate, but every gear will top at the correct speed, if your gear ratios are correct, which means the speed you need to shift will also be accurate. Q. Why the car classes are broken and i have overpowered vehicles for it's class? Because that was the easiest way i found to get these high-power tunes and keep the game "easily moddable". TDU will only understand a car class change if it reads a new entry on the database. That being said, i would need 4 entries in the car database, for 1 single vehicle, 1 entry being it stock, and 1 new entry for each tune kit. That means instead of 880 vehicles, i would need at least 3520. Not to mention that if someone decides to modify that 1 vehicle, they will need to modify the tuning its aswell. That not only means it would take a long time, but that it would make the game much more complex to be modded, so i used the original upgrade system, that's based on % increase of the base vehicle, but sadly, it doesn't support class changes. Q. The traffic in my game is being glitchy and invisible, what do i do? In the Project Paradise Laucher, make sure to enable V-Sync, to lock your fps to 60. The game won't do well with higher fps. Q. The game is displaying too much brightness, what i did wrong? Usually the dealerships display a higher brightness than the road environment. But also, that could be caused by FX Tweak being enabled in Project Paradise Launcher. TDU Platinum weather system was developed to not require FX Tweak, if you enable it in the launcher, it may override the weather files. Q. The physics have been changed, but they seem the same? That's because the physics engine is the same, but TDU allows each car to have their individual physics worked on, and that's what's been changed. To match real data, because TDU has messed it up even on the original game. Q. TDUPE is not working? Yes it is, but unfortunately i've stumbled across an issue i thought i would have. This issue happens when the database has over a thousand entries, which is the case, since TDU Platinum's database has 1105 entries. So, to use TDUPE, you must follow these steps: To run TDUPE, you must open it as admin. Point your TDU database directory in the settings and click load. Once it has loaded the database, search for the Custom Car you replaced in the car list. Modify and Click save. (That is when the problem starts.) Because TDUPE can't deal with more than 1000 entries in the database, it will make the game crash, to fix that issue, you must open TDU Modding Tools File Browser. Extract the CarPhysicsData.db, located inside the DB.bnk. Decrypt CarPhysicsData.db using TDU UT (this tool i did not provided, but it can be found on the forums) Open it using notepad and set the number of "Items" as 1105, save and close. Encrypt the file again, using TDU UT. Replace the new CarPhysicsData.db inside the DB.bnk. Q. Do i need the game or this is a standalone game? No! You need the game first, this is a mod and won't work on it's own.
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    Our community just got bigger!

    Great news here coming! I'm from Italy. I started playing, on PC, TDU 1 since it has been released, then I found TDU 2... and I'm still here getting fun with Unpacked 4 and all the good stuff in it. I'd like so much if some 'bugs' occuring on Windows 10 Pro and nVidia top cards - I'm getting the map randomly and two championships never, for example. But TDU 2 is great nowadays still. And TDU World wiil be greater for sure! About TDU 3... we will see, when it will be released. With best regards to all of you great friends from all over the world.
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    Our community just got bigger!

    We'd like to warmly welcome everyone from the TDU World community to TurboDuck.net! The TDU World community forums have been merged with the TurboDuck.net forums this weekend. This includes topics, posts, users, notifications, private messages, attachments, avatars, status, warnings, reputations, follows, likes, tags... you get the idea. In the event that you had accounts on TDU World and TurboDuck.net before (based on email address), these have been automatically merged for you. (If you have account on both site and used different email address, wish to merge your account, feel free to contact us). If somebody else on TurboDuck.net had already taken your TDU World username, you will have a unique string of random numbers added to it. All members have temporarily been granted the ability to change their usernames following this merge. To do so, visit your profile page. Merged users can login to TurboDuck.net using their TDU World username/email address and password. If you encounter any problems, please let us know so that we can assist. So, who's who from TDU World and what do they do? The TDU World community is best known for their ongoing work in building a community server for Test Drive Unlimited 2. This will allow players who have legally purchased TDU2 for PC to play the game online again. The project aims to restore free-drive multiplayer, online races, clubs, casino, and more. Also to be included are a custom launcher and large collection of vehicle mods, similar to TDU Platinum and Project Paradise for TDU1. @xXBeefyDjXx Founder & Project Manager @///Λquarious Co-Founder & Project Manager @blurredpixel, @derole1595641360, @Maru1595641363, @Panuchi Server Developers TDU World Previews https://twitter.com/TDU_World If you would like to discuss the TDU World project, we encourage you to visit the TDU2 Mod Shop or TDU World Club. Please note that TDU World is in development and therefore is not available to download yet.
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    Moment Try now load.
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    The link is down, reupload the files somewhere, mega would be better since deposit files is slow as f***
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    StarGT : GMC Syclone 1992

    Not. I have the only option (from AutoPack 1.73) and it suits me perfectly. I have no others.
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    StarGT : GMC Syclone 1992

    I had to assemble the car piece by piece. Devices may not work properly. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1n5pAEwBBvuV1LRZoSzoYfStQgrk7h1Vq?usp=sharing
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    I would like to get into TDU2 Modding

    I have absolutely no recollection of ever making these. Hopefully they are of some use.
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    I started TDU2 in 2012 I remember. I'm today 17 and I always loved this game, from the beginning to today, I've been so sad when learning it was closing as well as Skill Special Force 2 or Battlefield Play4free, these were games I loved, so seeing it back one day could be awesome. I think I never finished 100% the Story but spent so much good time with my friends and still talk to them today. I stopped playing cause of the Online being removed.
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    TDU World :: March 2020 Update!

    ah, yea that makes sense
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    Quack! lol Passing by to wish all of the lucks for TDU World team! Keep up the good work and the motivation, and keep in mind that the Squirrel Mafia can always lend a hand.
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    Hello everyone! We have some pretty exciting and important news to share with you about TDU World. A few weeks back we were contacted by the folks at TurboDuck.net and after some discussion, we are happy to announce our collaboration with them! You might think, what is exciting about this, and what is TurboDuck.net? Let's answer some questions and explain what the collaboration is about. What is TurboDuck.net? TurboDuck.net is a laid-back community well-known for their love of Driving & Racing Games (particularly open-world ones), and they have long been the home of TDU mods. The site has been upgraded in recent months and includes new features such as Blogs, Clubs, Guides, Gallery Albums and perhaps most important, a new Download section that can host ones mods. Because of this, the site hosts some of the most popular TDU mods to date, including TDU Project Paradise, TDU Platinum and thousands of other mods. You can also find TuboDuck on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Discord. TurboDuck was previously known as TDU-Central (TDUC / tduck). Why is the collaboration happening? As TurboDuck.net has such a large community it opens TDU World up for a way bigger audience of avid TDU fans than ever before. We will also be able to host our mods here without worrying about bandwidth limitations. What does this collaboration mean exactly? As of this week, the TDU World forums will merge into TurboDuck.net. The merge includes all user accounts, topics, conversations & more. This means that all TDU World members will now have a TurboDuck.net account (if you already had an account on TDuck, the TDU World content will have merged with your existing TurboDuck.net account). Just log in with your TDU World login and take a look around! The original TDU World forums will be taken down soon and redirect to TurboDuck.net. Will TDU World get a special category for people to post topics? Yes, outside of all the topics TurboDuck.net has to offer, we are happy to announce that TDU World has its own official club! It will be our own hub where you can create topics, post pictures or ask us questions! The group is live already, so don't hesitate to join! Please also take a moment to read through the site rules. Who's who in the zoo? @Eudemon Site Owner & Developer (2018-present) @Ryzza5, @Milli, @TDU Iceman, @sti228, @xXBeefyDjXx, @///Λquarious Site Admins (Staff) @insaneone (Diablo) Founder, Site Owner (2007-2018) That's pretty much it! We as TDU World are very excited about our future with TurboDuck.net and we hope you are too! If you have any more questions, be sure to ask them here or on our Discord. Best regards, Aquarious TDU World Team
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    Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

    sign me up
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    This link is down, death. Please reload. Thank
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    I'd say the unofficial patch is a must, it fixes performance issues. And AutoPack 1.85
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    TDU World :: March 2020 Update!

    Using D9VK which is a Direct3D9 to Vulkan layer fixes the issue. Running the game with 5700 XT the game would not start in DX9 mode you have to use this compatibility layer. https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk/releases You just copy the corresponding .dll file in this case d3d9.dll in the main folder from the x32 folder (because the game is 32-bit) and the game will run in Vulkan. There is no notification or anything that it uses Vulkan but it started working as soon after I pasted the .dll before it just crashed. So yes it works. And the good thing is it gives even better peformance than native DX9.
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    TDU World :: March 2020 Update!

    Damn, it's a beautiful launcher, I really hope you will soon be able to correct the last things you have to do and release this beauty. Can't wait and good luck with the actual problems ! Just a little question; is the campaign conserved or is it only gonna be a multiplayer based reload?
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    Fine quality, but not my favor of a car. ;) Anyway, thank you.
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    Very cool supra
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    Tool831: Ferrari 575 Maranello 2002

    I comprehend what you're saying fine but that doesn't mean I have to agree with what you say. And as for Tool, yeah he was a premium modder and he did the goods in quick time and his quality was superb but at the end of the day that means nothing when people see you for something else. People thought that when Tool left here that TDU modding would suffer but it didn't, as he was just another modder. He isn't the mod god or anything like that he's just someone who makes mods for the community. Or he used to be before he started caring more about status than anything else. And he's left modding what 4 times since TDU modding started if I remember correctly? He'll be back, he'll miss the praise and following he got but to be honest I hope he doesn't come back and I don't mean that in a nasty or evil way. As I feel he had more to do and give to his actual life, and modding was stopping this for a large part. So I wish him all the best and if he does come back then I really hope he really embodies the community spirit of what Modding is all about. It's that simple.


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