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    Time to re-discover the island of Oahu. TDU Platinum pursue the objective to be more than a collection of many different mods in a pack, the objective is to deliver a whole new experience, a whole new way to play with endless possibilities to choose at your own demand, ready to go. The work being done is beyond the gathering of different vehicles, sounds and gauges from different online websites and packing them together, it goes further to new physics, brand new weather, compatible with HDiR, new world textures and also new music for background and radio statios. New Physics Over 880 vehicles Correct color names Dedicated camera for each vehicle New weather - HDiR compatible New map textures New radio stations Easily moddable Easy installation Optional Russian language Toolkit Images Modders and special mentions Djey Speeder Pator5 Minime891 TDUZoqqer Combat-Shotgun Norby931 Miha2795 Tool831 2CV SUPER GT StarGT PhatPunk Reventon09 DriverTDU Takumi Acvet06 Doctor G DjoyTinnio Urban iLLusion Zebukas FenixZ Kvrt666 VDVS Opelos_HUN Tob-Racer MagicV8 Rulezzz VDV522 XtensoJDM t0m3k911 scuderia458 [email protected]= Sourkho And many other who have worked to keep TDU alive and interesting for so many years. TDUCk HF Garage TDULOG :: Test Drive Unlimited tdu.net.ru Drivers-paradise Without everyone, TDU Platinum wouldn't be anything more than a dream, so, all those people deserve a round of applause and we'll meet somewhere in Hawaii. -Always remember to make a backup of your game before you perform any modification. - For existing profiles, it's recommended to sell your vehicles and stay only with an Alfa Romeo GT BEFORE you install TDU Platinum. - If you're not feeling like selling all vehicles, just drive off the house with an Alfa Romeo GT BEFORE you install TDU Platinum, but this method might crash your game once you check some vehicles in the garage. - Original copy of TDU installed - CPU: Pentium 4/Athlon XP or better - CPU SPEED: 3 GHz - RAM: 2 GB - OS: Windows 2000/XP and above - VIDEO CARD: 512MB Video Card with Pixel & Vertex Shader 2.0 (NVIDIA GeForce 7600+ / ATI Radeon X1600+) - TOTAL VIDEO RAM: 512 MB - 3D: Yes - HARDWARE T&L: Yes - PIXEL SHADER: 3.0 - VERTEX SHADER: 3.0 - DIRECTX VERSION: DirectX 9.0c included - SOUND CARD: Yes - FREE DISK SPACE: 18 GB - Google Drive Q. Why does some vehicles display an absurd Top Speed? That's because how TDU was codded. Sadly, to get the gear ratios to work as they should, you must set the car's Top Speed as the top gear speed. Which means, the maximum speed that the final gear could achieve, regardless of it's power or drag. Usually, vehicles that have an "Overdrive gear" will display absurd values, since the last gear is really long, with the porpouse of fuel saving. Q. Ok, but why it is actually the Top Speed value is lower than the final gear speed? That's because TDU, by standard, adds around 10% more top speed. So, if a car final gear speed is 330 km/h, if you set as 300 km/h, in-game the car will reach 330 km/h. Now, if you set 330 km/h, the car will actually be faster than it should, and will reach 363 km/h. Deducting 10% of the speed makes not only the final gear accurate, but every gear will top at the correct speed, if your gear ratios are correct, which means the speed you need to shift will also be accurate.
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    [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    BOOM! Check OP for download links.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Time to re-discover the island of Oahu. Test Drive Unlimited Platinum pursue the objective to be more than a collection of many different mods in a pack, the objective is to deliver a whole new experience, a whole new way to play with endless possibilities to choose at your own demand, ready to go. The work being done is beyond the gathering of different vehicles, sounds and gauges from different online websites and packing them together, it goes further to new physics, brand new weather, compatible with HDiR, new world textures and also new music for background and radio statios. Test Drive Unlimited Platinum is a non-profitable project, made with the intention to enhance the gameplay of Test Drive Unlimited.
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    New images as Subaru is over, and it's T time!
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    Features FreeRide's back online! New back-end features (such as time synchronisation) New client features (key shortcut, launch options, ...) Fuel Mode Modding enhancement Graphics Tweaking Small Tweaks (such as faster launch) And more! Disclaimer Even if this mod doesn't affect directly your game files, installing this mod is at your own risk. We are not liable in any way for any damage to equipment or loss of income that may occur due to its usage. :) F.A.Q. Q. Do I have to own a legal version of TDU? Yes Q. How do I install the mod / how can I solve my issues? See the ReadMe in the archive, it will solve most of your issues :D Q. Do I have to own the Megapack to play online? No. You need however the latest official version of TDU (1.66A) Q. Is there any mod incompatibility with the mod? Most of your mods should work (unless it implies executable modifications) Q. Is this completely free? This mod is, and will ever be 110% free. Q. Where can I download the source code or the server binaries to set my own server? This isn't possible at the moment (because it would be pointless to setup many TDU servers when the game work in P2P). If the server close, the binaries will be released. Q. What features aren't / won't be working at release? (this list may change) Clubs, Drive In, Multiplayer Lobby, Leaderboard, E-bay Q. Can I play offline with this mod and keep the features (such as the fuel mode)? Yes Q. Do I need a powerful connection to play? If your connection used to work on the official server, then it'll work too there Q. Can I play with Xfire, Steam, MSi afterburner integrated into my game? No, because it will cause conflicts with the mod. You'll have to play without those Q. I get an error message on connection because of my username Read the instructions provided in the archive Q. Is there more features to come? Maybe... who knows! :) Download Links Test Drive Unlimited: Multiplayer Modification Version: 0.03A Description: Multiplayer Game Client with a lot of awesome features! Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Fix Version: 0.01 Description: Fix 1.66A force-feedback and add led support Credits lean (code), Milli (fuel assets), Speeder (code) Special thanks Thanks to the donators Harry B., [email protected]_$HOTGUN, Damian L., t0m3k911 Thanks to the testers big 206 fan, X8X8X, [email protected]_$HOTGUN, DrifteaCent, TDUZoqqer, DJoyTinnio, iLLGT3, Reventón09, Automotive Gaming, t0m3k911, Ryzza5, Dux, Rassva, Zlatko Ilijeski, Prince-Matt, and anyone I forgot to add here because of my empty sent items box :D Thanks to Diablo and all turboduck staff for keeping alive this (awesome) community ... and thanks to anyone who supported the project. Remember guys, it's only the beginning! #TDUForever ;)
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    [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    Toyota and TVR done. Now, time to move on to Volkswagen.
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    StarGT: BMW M6 2013

    BMW M6 2013 Vehicle replaced: Mers Stirling Moss Converted by: StarGT Credits: 3D Model, Wheels & Interior - Forza Features: -camera view without camhack -normal working car -the ideally working gauges DOWNLOAD BMW M6 2013
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    Boo! Porsche and letter P is finally finished. :cheery: Thanks for the support and understandment guys! I know it's taking a long time, a lot longer than i wanted, but i believe it's for a good cause. :joyful:
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    [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    Jeep and Koenigsegg are finished. Also, i've managed to active 4 new garage slots per TDU apartament, tried the same in other houses, it didn't really worked out. Funny enough, the first apartament, "Ala Moana House" is still tied to 4, being the only apartament with 4 garage slots, instead of 8. (Yes, i've also increased their price. :lol: )
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    [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    Today i've learned something cool. I've decided to take a look at the vehicle delivery missions, since i was working on Enzo. As a result, trying to understand how it works out and to fix some errors that occurred with them with my extensive modding process, i've learned a way to entirely change the car of the mission. That works not only with delivery missions, but also Top Models and prize cars. Here is some images of the testing. This delivery mission was a Miura before, but i've managed to tell the game to use the 918 instead. So, expect changes on that part aswell in TDU Platinum, i will make sure that new added vehicles are required to be bought or delivered to get 100% of the game completion. Ah, forgot to mention, i've also made TDU reach 100% again. So, even though you don't complete the multiplayer challenges, you can still get 100%, instead of 88%, like before. ;)
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    [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    For sure one of the the biggest modding project for a driving game. Thanks for this Milli. At the beggining of car modding in 2008, I could not imagine the game would bear and receive such improvements. That's a tribute to this fantastic game, for its 11th birthday. The effort in reverse enginneering the game had a price, now time is for a reward for everyone involved and enthusiasts. Such an epic adventure!
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    No photos but... Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
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    2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus Coupe S Tronic Donated by: Brian Balliu Vehicle replaced: Audi R8 V10 Converted by: StarGT Camera: Not need to change Credits: Forza Motorsport 7 Features: - u can remove rear wing (hardtop option) - HQ model - detailed interior with different colours option - raindrops on windows - working doors - working lights - working windows - dirt, paintable, stickerable - own rims 5 colours - own tires - own calipers Make sure you are running TDU2 Unpacked Download 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus Coupe S Tronic Download 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus Coupe S Tronic (on my Facebook page)
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    Post Your 3D Work

    past 5 more days (of which I only modeled for 3 days lol) - base is (almost) finished. Just need to model the base mirrors and a detail on the front, and I can finally go into detailing as you can see, current polycount is circa 4000 polygons, which is about the amount an average wheel have in Forza :lol: But modeling a car which is almost not existant in picture form to 95% accuracity is something I am quite proud of. And I usually am never proud of myself. :cheeky:
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    Henlo. I'm still working :) A Little update in text-form: I managed to get the "plate configurator" to work. As I already mentioned in the first post, I will be working with german plate formats for now. For those who don't know the german license plate Format: it's split up in 3 Groups. The first Group is a set of 1 to 3 letters showing which Region the vehicle is registred in. As Germany has like 170 counties, I decied to stick with the Berlin County for now. This can't get changed yet. Second Group is a set of 1 to 2 letters. You can configure them as you want them to have. The third Group is the set of 1-4 numbers, which also can be customized. It makes up 8 formats of license plate layouts you can choose in between, aswell as the actual vanity of the letters and numbers. This all works as an extra menu - which will be the Registration area ingame later. The vanity plate will be saved to your current car (or you can choose one from your list later, I don't know yet), but each plate can be given only to one Slot (unlike forza for example). Makes it a lot more realistic imo. The letters and numbers will be set randomly when you Register the car. You either can Keep it, or personalize it in Terms of vanity, which will be extra 15$ along the 100$ Registration fees then. But - The part I am most happy about - when you freshly buy a car from a dealer you won't get a regular license plate, but a temporary 5-day Registration. This happens in real life too, most of the time. The german temporary plates are White with a yellow bar on the right side which Displays the expiring date. This date will be generated by reading the current date and adding 5 to it. The first The first letter (or letters) is the County once again. As mentioned, this is not changeable at the Moment, and I doubt it will be necessary, as I only will have one City ingame - which will be a rough copy of Berlin. So the County letter will always be "B". The blue dot is just the coat of arm of the County. Nothing spectacular.Now it's getting interesting: the temporary plate have 6 numbers (in General). the first two (04) make sure the plate is actually a temporary plate. This won't be changeable. The next 4 numbers will be generated randomly.They are not customizable. This is like in real life aswell. Now, the number plate and the date will be saved in the savegame. You have 5 days to drive the car around as Long you Register it within the expiring date. When you don't - you won't be able to drive the car and you have to take another to Register it. I don't know what to do when you have only once car, but I'll figure it out :cheeky: As mentioned, both plate variations will be saved into the savegame. The temporary layout will reset when you Register the car. When you unregister it, you will get another temporary with a new randomly generated plate. #DETAAAAAAILS ALSO: Customizing and paint shop save values now. You can respray and tune your car and cast it to the open world driving Level (and all the others obviously). And some random small fixes. Better light controls, lights enable by night, disable by day, and so on. EDIT: Forgot to tell I started to build a database with all the small poops i might Need in the game again. Like paint Colors, names (which are already programmed) and other stuff you might remember from TDU - Car names, other car stats, Environment stuff etc. I'm gonna post a Video of the plate Generation soon as I really like the Feature :) PS: When someone wants to help me out in Terms of Environment design or graphics design (or Audio), I still appreciate the help :) Greetings
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    [MagicV8]: "ALOHA" gas station - HD

    Textures replaced: Gas stations on Hawaii Converter/Creator: MagicV8 aka franks aka CocoJambo Credits: 3D Model, Textures - Atari/Eden Games [ATTACH]23430[/ATTACH] !!Please make sure to backup your original file/s before installing this mod and read the included README file!! DOWNLOAD Some textures (fuel dispenser, roof lights) are in much better quality then the original one! The Zip includes the following files: - ss_gas.2DB - ss_pomp.2DB - ss_price.2DB - ss_oiln.2DB - ss_noby.2DB - d1_brick.2DB - d1_grille.2DB - aloha_gas_station.jpg Well, here is the short explanation, howto replace the ugly original gas station: 1. Locate the files Commonworld.bnk and CommonWorldDiv2.bnk at %gamepath%\Euro\Bnk\Level\Hawai\ 2. Backup these files! 3. Replace the 2DB files in Commonworld.bnk and CommonWorldDiv2 with the same ones from this zip using the Modding Tools by Djey - Keep the file names while replacing! 4. Start TDU and enjoy the new ALOHA gas station. :D Mod History v1.0 - first release Terms of use: ------------- - The models, skins and other files are for private use only - Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited - All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners - If you wish to edit this modification please contact me via e-mail: [email protected]-paradise.com - You are allowed to edit this modification and it's contents for your own private use [if applicable] - Before uploading work by another modder, permission must be granted by the original author
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    Entry post [ATTACH]29281[/ATTACH]
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    enginesound booster

    Greeting. It is simple, not distorted Enginesounds i do for TDU sound best. I guess TDU has a volumebalance for its sounds, for that when they are played at the same time, they can sound good. So i decided to lower the volume for every other sound in the game that is not enginesound, so i can just can make my stereo louder, and this way gain more volume for the car's sounds, while keeping the best quality. Also i find cool now, that you don't have to change the volume setting each time you enter home, because you had loud music in car radio, but now the inbetween ingame music is too loud, because they share the same setting. Same with music at dealers, painter and so on. This is adjusted now. Done are also drivingwindnoises, tireqieeeeking noises, the swooshing sound of solid things passing fastly by, all menusounds, etc. . Ok, the menu sounds you allready can set to your liking volumewise, but now they are all the same volume for example. You may ask yourself, you can set the engine volume in menu, but this same setting is also linked to the tirenoise when, braking, sliding, and accelerating. Those got way too loud, when playing with louder stereo and engine put to max. I think i can leave the ambient sounds like they are, as they are settable via sfx panel. Some depart/entrance music files are to be done yet, also hornsounds and so on, but i do that in the next days. All sounds are kept original. http://www.file-upload.net/download-10377586/Spielelautst--rke.rar.html Installation : Don't forget backuping. The file fe_snd.bnk is belonging into folder : Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\FrontEnd\sounds And the file common.bnk is belonging into : Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Sound\Vehicules
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    Yes Zmodeler3 does support bumpmaping correctly but it doesn't have tdu1/2 filters so it's not a option. The image shows what oleg said on the matter. EDIT: Little update on the radiator
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    Just in case, here's some more...
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    Kvrt666 Work-Shop

    I finally returned to you, now I'm going to do all mods free. Previously paid cars are now available for download in our catalog. Come, take, place like;)
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    Kvrt666: 2010-2011 Noble M600

    Noble M600 Vehicle replaced: Noble M14 Converter: Kvrt666 (TduOnline - Test Drive Unlimited) Credits: Forza Motorsport 4 Textures: Forza Motorsport 4/Kvrt666 Camera - Noble M14 (RIGHT) IK - Holden Efijy 2010 [ATTACH]25345[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]25346[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]25347[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]25348[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]25365[/ATTACH] 2011 [ATTACH]25349[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]25350[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]25351[/ATTACH] This Modification Requires TDU Patch 1.68b This Modification requires bigbnk's !!Please make sure to backup your original files before installing this mod!! Download Link: 2010-2011 Noble M600 Terms of use: ------------- - The models, skins and other files are for private use only - Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited - All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owner
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    Some interior shots (Almost Done) [ATTACH]25405[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]25406[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]25407[/ATTACH]
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    Rule Work-Shop

    Guys do not have to quarrel! All modders are good in their own way, I myself have recently started to be engaged in this, and I tell you it is not easy even converting. A Zoqqer forza makes it even more difficult than GTA SA. And I did not get everything but I try as best I can. Zoqqer makes the quality of the model. And he's even the right not to ask you to do what model, but on the contrary, he gives you a choice of 3-5 options. And after the vote, he does most of the claimed. Peace for everyone! P.S.:"And sorry for my English)))"
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    Good news, guys! I've made a little research to find out if i have some F12 saves and... Thats what i find: 80% done exterior for the Ferrari and 90% done exterior for the BMW. So im going to finish it :nuts:
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    YO DAWG We heard you like Lambos! Here's goodie #1, which I was working on the last four days! And when this one is ready and bugfree, goodie #2 will be started! So the release of the three Huracáns will be next weekend! (not this one, the next one.) Hope you like it :) PS: This is a world premiere for this exact model, as nobody - not modders nor game developers - have made it to any game yet :) So feel honored! :D Special thanks to Denissaurus!
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    Infiniti G37S 2008 Vehicle replaced: CLK 63 AMG Project by: Kiborg-DVA Credits: 3D Model, Wheels & Interior - Forza Features: -camera view without camhack -normal working car -working gauges [ATTACH]23582[/ATTACH][ATTACH]23583[/ATTACH][ATTACH]23584[/ATTACH][ATTACH]23585[/ATTACH] DOWNLOAD 2008 Infiniti G37S Coupe
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    in first half of may will be released
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    Hassan's FH2 shots

    New Huracan shots So i bought this.... --- Post Updated --- Forgot teh audi :lol:
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    I feel like you kind of answered your own question to be honest.
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    [headline]turboduck Plays 'The Crew'[/headline] On the 30th March, 2014 I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Ivory Tower Games Studio in Lyon, France, as a representative of turboduck (Thanks Diablo!). There I visited the studio where I along with a select group of other community muppets played their first and upcoming release 'The Crew'. In this report you will read about my experiences of the trip and I will tell you more about the game that has been dubbed the "second-coming of open-world driving Christ"... ok nobody has said that but it has been graced with "spiritual successor to Test Drive Unlimited" which is some mighty big words to live up to. Does it do it? Well sit back, relax, and now sit forward and don't slouch as I tell you. Get ready because this is going to be a long read! :duck: Day 1: After an hour of flying in the sky from Amsterdam I arrived at Lyon airport in the afternoon, where after 20 minutes of waiting in the Arrivals terminal I found Soufyane (Community Developer at Ivory Tower and our guide to help us survive Lyon :D). In a highly- professional standard he waited in the wrong terminal, but only because the info screen in the terminals were not showing the right flight information. When I met him, he told me that he was also waiting for the representative of the Reddit community who was coming in from Chicago. Wait what? How long is he going to be?! Well not long at all actually as thankfully he showed up only 10 minutes later and so we left the airport via a taxi and headed to the hotel. Arriving at the hotel, Soufyane said that he we would pick us up later that evening for dinner in a restaurant in the old part of Lyon and then sorted the keys for our hotel rooms. After spending 3 hours in the hotel I went to dinner with Soufyane, the guy from Reddit and also two others who were from the TDU-France community who had just arrived. At the restaurant I had a lovely dinner that was my first introduction to French food and after this we headed back to the hotel for the night because Soufyane had to pick up MadManCK of 'TDU Drive Time' and a representative of a VK.com community from the Airport. :zzz: Day 2: The second day started with breakfast in the hotel, there we met a representative from TeamVVV who added to the ranks of our ever-growing group. After breakfast it was time to make our way to Ivory Tower. Soufyane was already there to greet us and paid for the taxi and we were then taken inside. We started off with a quick studio tour, first off meeting the person who played the game on stage at E3 2013 (that narrows it down Dan). We then continued with a short guide around the different departments of the studio and meeting those that are working on the game. Next we met Julian Gerighty (Creative Director) and Stephane Beley (Game Director) who gave us a short presentation about The Crew. After the presentation we went back to the work floor for a more detailed tour of the studio such as; Map Development, Car Modelling and Game Testing. Two of these departments gave us short presentations on what they are working on. After all this we left the studio for a lunch with Julian and Stephane at a nearby restaurant, where we were treated to some damn fine and delicious hamburgers. After munching these beef delights down it was then back to the studio for the playtest. After a thoroughly enjoyable four hours of play-testing we went back to the hotel. Later that evening a taxi picked us up for dinner, this time at a lovely steak restaurant with Soufyane and Stephane. Julian wasn't there because he had actually just come back that very day from a presentation in San Francisco and had understandably, immense jetlag. After dinner we returned back to the hotel for the night where we went night-nights. :zzz: Day 3: On the last day, a taxi picked us up in the morning at the hotel and brought us again to the studio and in the studio breakfast was waiting for us. After a tasty breakfast it was time for more playing! A couple of hours had flown by playing and now it was lunch time, we went out this time for lunch at a Chinese restaurant nearby with Julian, Stephane and Soufyane. About an hour later we were able enough to sit up and so went back to the studio for yet more playing. When another number of hours had come and gone we all did an interview with the filming crew, who had been following us around during the whole trip as they were making a community video (hope you said nice things about us!). After the interview ended it was time for goodies! We took some pictures of the studio and we then left. :sulk: Again it was back to the hotel for a couple of hours before we got picked up by yet another taxi for dinner. Instead of sitting in the hotel though, we decided to look around the city and take some pictures. A short while later we started making our way back to the hotel where our taxi was already there waiting to pick us up for dinner, which was this time taking place in an Italian restaurant. After another fantastic dinner, we went back to the hotel for the night because some of us were leaving early the next day. :zzz: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alright folks, that was the report about the trip itself. Now it's time to talk more about The Crew: [finally!] Main Presentation: Julian and Stephane started the presentation by telling us more about the history of Ivory Tower and that The Crew has been in development for more than 6 years!! Along with info regarding the features of the game. The presentation was a bit like the one they did on the Ubisoft Press Event at E3 last year (2013). They told us that the games old name was "Route 66" before it was renamed to The Crew. They renamed it because in their opinion the name will fit better with the online gameplay with other players and the storyline of the game. We were then showed how big the map really is, and damn it's huge! :eek: We saw maps of Forza Horizon, GTA5, NFS Rivals and Skyrim as a comparison for scale, and believe it or not, those maps will fit in the The Crew's USA together multiple times. Yes it really is that huge! Julian said that it takes more than four hours to drive around the map in an average car. It was then time for details about the storyline, it's made by the same person that wrote the stories for Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (yay!) and Red Dead Redemption so there is certainly a lot of pedigree behind how well it could turn out. The storyline itself is a bit like 'Fast and the Furious', but don't expect too much of it as the 'car is the character' after all. This presentation ended with a little Q&A. (Anything we should know from it?) Developer Presentation (Map development): The presentation started with showing us how they are creating the world. They complete one section at a time before they move on to the next one. The devs of the map development went to 'Murica for research (sight-seeing) and for taking pictures of the landmarks and infrastructure of the USA, they are also using things like Google Maps to help them in creating a realistic world to play in. The dev that was giving us this presentation told us that they can't use any real names on buildings due to licensing, so they are creating everything in their own way just like Rockstar does with its GTA titles. Developer Presentation (Car Development): Every car in the game takes 6 months to complete, that's because the cars are being made completely with all working components such as; working engines, driveshafts, gearboxes etc. The developer that's giving us the presentation this time showed us the Bentley Continental GT SS with its moving pistons, spinning gears in the gearbox and spinning driveshaft. And it's not just for show, it's all made for the tuning aspect capability of the car, for example; if you tune the gearbox, you will see the new part working in the gearbox. Attention to detail or what! Other reasons for the long development are the car companies, they want to check the models for licensing, the dev also said that most car companies can be a pain in the ass to work with, so to get all the cars finished in time they are working together with other Ubisoft studios. The engine sounds for example are being made by Ubisoft Reflections (who are also doing the PS4 version) and are recorded from the real cars. The car physics are made by the same guy who did them for the original Test Drive Unlimited and to help in the handling characteristics, the team has played many racing games to come up with a handling model that will work for anyone. And for the more discerning virtual driver, they also had many different gaming wheels and pedal sets from the likes of Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster and more to test with, because as you would expect from this bunch, wheel support is very important to them. Playtest: (I played the game for the most part on the PC with the 360 gamepad. I've only played with a wheel for 20 minutes because there was only one wheel in the room and it was always wanting used) I started my playtest by playing from the beginning following the main storyline, the game opened with a Ford F-150 Raptor being chased by the Police, it was a cool way to start the game. After completing the opening, I went to pick up another car for the story, it was a modified Chevrolet Camaro. I needed this car to do the first real race in the streets which happens in Detroit. After this race there was some story driven items that I won't spoil for you guys. Now finally I had the option of buying my own car. There was a choice of; 2011 Ford Mustang, 2011 Dodge Challenger, 2010 Chevrolet Camaro or a Nissan 370Z. I went for the Nissan after test driving all of the cars, I drove it stock for around 15 minutes before I went to the tuning shop in Detroit as I needed to tune the car in order to continue the story. For an hour I played some missions before I went cruising. MadManCk was sitting next to me in the test room and was already cruising. We created a crew and started playing together. We first did some story missions to see how it all works when you play in a crew, and then after a while we just went driving and took a trip from Detroit to Chicago, it was a long drive but it was damn fun because the world feels so alive. We arrived in Chicago and discussed what our next destination should be. We decided to take the in-game plane to Las Vegas and then we drove back from there to Chicago, it was really an amazing trip driving through the cities and the multiple environments. After again arriving back in Chicago, it was time to stop playing and that was the end of Day 1. On the second day Stephane asked us if we wanted to play the game with a more completed save game, We all said "yes" to this and started playing in our own way. I did not do any missions, I only went cruising with different cars. I drove through cities like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco and Miami. I also tested some of the race tracks that are in the game like: Sebring, Pikes Peak, and a couple of NASCAR tracks. (wait what...?) Even after all this time of just driving around and doing essentially nothing I wanted to test more, but alas it was time for the interview. Car Handling: In the 10 hours of my playing I tried all the different types of handling with the gamepad; Arcade, Sport, Hardcore. I started off with 'Arcade' but I quickly found out that it just isn't for me, mainly because I couldn't do any good power-slides or drifts. So I switched to 'Hardcore' with all the assists turned off, and damn this is really something you have to learn because you will spin out easily if you take the corner too fast, or if you accelerate too fast out of a corner. Next up was 'Sport' and this really was the type of handling that I prefer, it's a bit in-between 'Arcade' and 'Hardcore' and you can still spin out if you accelerate too quickly, I just preferred it with the pad but that's not to say that 'Hardcore' can't be used with a pad, it can it will just take more from the player to do so (sounds good to me!). I played with the wheel for 20 minutes on 'Hardcore' and in my opinion it's the best way to play the game. I was REALLY loving the Force-feedback and taking corners with the wheel is just great! All the cars feel so good, you can really feel the difference between a big pick-up and a normal sportscar. Gameplay: There is really a lot to do in The Crew like races, sprints, drag-racing, time attacks and much more. They are fun to do but I didn't try all of them because I enjoyed cruising around too much. There are also random challenges (Skills?) a bit like the ones in Forza Horizon. I personally found them a bit annoying because I already did them a couple of times, but you can turn them off if you want to, in fact, you can turn everything off and just cruise around if you want to. Police chases are fun too and they are hard to get rid of. The only thing I didn't like much was the traffic, it had a fair amount of bugs, but that's something they're still working on so I can't gripe too much about it. Presentation: The world really feels alive with pedestrians walking around in the cities and animals crossing on the country roads. The environments in the different States are realistically made and I didn't see any real copy- pasting to be honest. Unfortunately there's no rain in the game, but there is snow in the snowy mountains and there are different skyboxes to give the impression of playing in a realistic world. To be honest I found the graphics not very next-gen, don't get me wrong for an open-world racer they are good but perhaps I was just expecting more. It also probably has to do with the power on the new consoles. I played the game with a locked 30fps on the dev kit PC, and 50fps (50 really?) on the PC with the wheel setup, both ran good. However as many a gamer will tell you great looking visuals doesn't automatically mean a stellar playing game, and so it's important to state that Ivory Tower is focusing more on the driving and creating a great world than just making shiny graphics. The car models look good and they all have dynamic damage like Forza, unfortunately they can't go all the way with extreme damage like "Next Car Game" due to licensing but for what they have it will make you cringe if you crash or hit things too often. There are also different types of dirt that will get thrown up on your cars depending on which environment you are in. The Wrap-up: It really was an amazing trip and I enjoyed every bit of it! I really like the people working at Ivory Tower, they are passionate people and I can't thank them enough for showing how the development of a game like The Crew actually takes shape and becomes. Naturally the game still needs a bit of work with the modelling and licensing of cars. The map feels quite finished to me, it only needs some polishing. And the only bugs I found were the animals crossing the road and traffic that slipped away in the corners. The build I played was also missing anti-aliasing, but they are still working on that and still have months till they release in Autumn/Fall 2014. Overall the game feels close to completion and I think that it will be ripe for picking! A MASSIVE THANKS to Ubisoft and Ivory Tower for giving us this opportunity, our man thoroughly enjoyed himself and was like a kid at Christmas the day before he was due to fly out and on his return. Note: You are completely free to copy, distribute and quote all or parts of this report providing you link back to this thread as the Source. Thanks!
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    Lancia Stratos

    I like the date today, so i started the thread yet. Dl today evening ;-). Enjoybutton serial version : Lancia Stratos Ingamerecording serial version : Sourcevideos : Serial version Rally version
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    Thanks guys :D For those who interested: For those who not - I will make my Carbonado tomorrow.
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    TDU2: Unofficial Patch v0.4

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    T3hReaper91's pCars Gallery

    A place for me to Collect all of my Project Cars photo's. Lets start off with a whole new set..
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    And finally two pics of the front :D -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) --
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    My Lamborghini Aventador reworked by a my friend Soon the release :p -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) --
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    TDU2 Show-Off-Your-Mods thread

    -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) --
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    TDU2 Show-Off-Your-Mods thread

    Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Competition
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    I'm sure you could find something if you looked behind the sofa or fridge mate. :D
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    GTA V: Teaser Shots

    !A Submarine!
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    W.I.P. pics: Exterior almost done, interior just about 20%. Car will replace the db7 zagato i think (everything perfect on this car except the ride height bec it need to set down about 15mm). New feature is the lod0 suspensions (cant see on these pics) and the new grill texture, oh and i will use a new leather texture in the interior. Stay tuned! ;)
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    Here is the solution: Get any hex editor from the internet. Copy your online profile before that because what you are about to do could go wrong. Now you start hex editor. Go to tools , then choose file comparison. The program now needs you to confirm the 14 days trial version in some cases. In my case it was for free so i did it. Window comes up with 2 file directories to be selected. The one at the top is your source, playersave 1 file in your online profile, the one below is the destination/aim playersave 1 file in a newly created offline profile, you can call it the same name like your online one. If you want to do so, you'll have to delete your online profile first. Think of backuping all your pictures, music and bookmarks from your online savegame before doing so. You'll have to buy the first flat in the game and do the first race so it gets saved in your save game folder. Make a backup of it. If you have chosen the 2 directories click ok. The program now shows your online profile above the new offline one. There are many numbers. Click on the first number of your source so that the window at the top gets chosen. Then click edit then press go to offset. Type in 50. This will set the cursor in the file window to the 50th position in them numbers. Read the numbers just like written text while counting them to make sure there are 50 before the cursor. Now click and hold the cursor and drag a frame around all other numbers in the window. Just like you select more than one folder in windows. Make sure there are still 50 numbers before the selected frame. Now right click on the first number in the frame and select copy. Then you go to your destination window and select a frame just the same way like before in the source. Again right click on the first number of the frame, select paste. Then go to file and press save or save all. Now you go to your new offline profile savegame folder and copy all files from playersave 1 folder into your playersave 2 folder and replace all existing files while doing so. Now your offline profile should have all the progress of your online one. Including flats, your money, cars, their paint, mileage, the look of your character, everything. I am not responsible if it doesn't work for you, which if so doesn't matter because you sure did the backup copy before, like i told you. :-) I was so happy to not have lost all the 56 cars, especially my 46 000 km f430 and my character. Nice deeeeeey , hehe. Tinnio
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