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    [ATTACH]19757[/ATTACH] 2010 Ferrari Enzo Gemballa MIG-U1 Vehicle replaced: Enzo Converted by: Qilin Credits: 3D Model, Wheels & Interior - 3d Models from Net, Atari Features: -original kit -open doors -normal working car -working gauges Download Gemballa MIG-U1 ver.1.02 History: 1.0 - Release 1.02 - fixed front lights beam
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    Show us your vehicle

    http://i791.photobucket.com/albums/yy194/MartijnMb/IMAG2685_zpsc426ca44.jpg Decided to ditch everything behind the front seats. http://i791.photobucket.com/albums/yy194/MartijnMb/IMAG2682_zps73ba0a17.jpg Have some panels made up (also for a friend) Went for a spin. http://i791.photobucket.com/albums/yy194/MartijnMb/IMAG2686_zps5186dde9.jpg Without everything in the back the car is a bit louder on the inside. Nothing to bad. Rollcage prep starts now. :)
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    Ken's GT6 Photos

    As a continue from pictures I took in GT5, here are pictures I took from GT6. I'm a little rusty at the moment having to not play Gran Turismo for quite some time.
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    First 2 in Assetto Corsa, Last 3 in pCARS :cool:
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    067 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr 069 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr 072 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr 073 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr 085 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr 086 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr
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    BMW M5 F10 Vehicle replaced: Ferrari 599XX Converted by: Vitaliy997 Hamann Kit and idea :TheLegionary Fixing Hamann kit and Digital by: StarGT Credits: 3D Model, Wheels & Interior - Forza Features: -digital speedo -digital gears -own rims -camera only with camhack -normal working car Download: BMW M5 F10 HAMANN with Digital Gauges Who dont like Gauges Colour dont Download Mod !!!
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    Our community as you know has passed the 7 year mark and we always tend to give a little extra bit of generosity to those of our members who go above and beyond in supporting us, so as has become common with us we are going to give a minimum of 7 months extra FREE when you take out any of our Speshul Memberships. Yes it's exactly as it sounds! Buy 1 month for $5 and you will receive 8 months, buy 6 months and get 14 months and buy a year at $40 and we will double it to 2 years! For those of you who may have purchased or renewed your 'Speshul' within the last four months of 2013 and in January 2014 fear not as we will be adding extra months to your term, as we're jolly nice that way. :nuts: What is Speshul I hear you ask? Well check out this link for all the info on that. Thanks to all of you even the lurkers who read this, we hope 2014 and beyond is the best that is yet to come for us!! :D turboduck Team This promo will run until Saturday 8th February 2014 EXTENDED: This promo will run until Sunday 16th February 2014
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    Girl Problems

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    R.I.P Paul Walker

    Quite sad to hear. :( FnF won't be the same without him.
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    This brings back so many memories. UPDATE: Making of video added.
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    TDU2 Show-Off-Your-Mods thread

    -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- With big thanks to Xarlith and StarGT
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    Woo! Just arrived in the post: and of course:
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    TDU2 Show-Off-Your-Mods thread

    Normal clothes on Bikes - some restrictions - and combined:
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    The Compensator

    Funny Pictures.

    ^ LOL, that's a nice Holy Grail in the engine bay.
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    TDU2 Show-Off-Your-Mods thread

    Nice work on this Nissan ;) Here a pic of the front Please don't look the carbon fiber, I know that is horrible but I will change that :p -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) --
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    TDU2: Unofficial Patch v0.4

    I am willing to make these 2 cars in perfect quality: 346 - BMW M6 Convertible 373 - Ford Escort RS Cosworth
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    TDU2 Show-Off-Your-Mods thread

    Green Camaro for Diablo
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    Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Vehicle replaced: Ferrari F430 spider 16m Converted by: StarGT Screens and testing: StarGT, NightWolf Credits: 3D Model, Wheels & Interior - Forza Horizon November DLC Features: -camera view without camhack -normal working car -the ideally working gauges Can use with all versions of the game !! DOWNLOAD Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder
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    Fear Deer

    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    @Reventon Your last one could go by a real picture to the untrained eye..Had it not had the FSX view writings, and a more contrasty and less bright scenery....sweet Jesus!! Unedited images.
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    Chevy Camaro SS 1969 Vehicle replaced: Chevy corvette C1 Converted by: StarGT Screens and testing: isa, NightWolf Credits: 3D Model, Wheels & Interior - Forza HORIZON Features: -mega quality mirrors -own rims -camera view without camhack -normal working car -the ideally working gauges Can use with all versions of the game !! DOWNLOAD Chevy Camaro SS 1969 DOWNLOAD Chevy Camaro SS 1969 ( Different body kits ) Hitstory of version : 1.0 - Release 1.01 - PS Race 1.02 - fixed both version ( indicators front) - Incognito
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    Forza Horizon: An Open World Forza!!

    OMG OMG OMG YES YES YES not a Porsche but YES :yay:
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    Tim's FM4 Gallery (Update!)

    So, I decided to buy a Honda Civic. This is what she looked like when I picked her up... Then I slapped on some new rims, and here she is Some new suspension was in order! A new lick of paint was up next And finally, the finishing touch, some vinyls And some R18