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    New images as Subaru is over, and it's T time!
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    Welcome to the new TurboDuck / Eudemon!

    Dear all members, After few months of preparation I am thrilled to present you the new design / system Merger of three website (turboduck forum / turboduck blog / eudemon anime community), if you have account with any of the site it will be automatically merged All old links from either site are permanently automatically redirected to new URL, you do not have to do anything You might find some new features already have content in them, that is because one of the sites already had them, feel free to start using and make it yours, after all, it is built for the community. There are lot of New Features been added that I can't possible go over in one thread, below is quick touch of few of the major ones: Blogs - allow you to create person or collaborative blog with multiple people Downloads - allow direct upload and download on turboduck, Mods section will be migrated there, this adds additional feature like file versioning, subscribe to change, support topic Gallery - allow you to create own or community albums, for media sharing Wiki - general database entries, currently lyrics and blog articles will be migrated to there Store - allow purchase of VIP member group which grants additional resources and cool stats (as a way to support us) Activity - everything that's happening in one place, you can set your own feed to track content you like Clubs - allow you to create or join clubs of people with same interest (that's not covered in forum) Excited for the new system? share your experience For bug reports and known issues please visit - problem report There will be consolidation going on for some of the duplicate categories. This post is subjected to update, stay toned as more new features roll out in the coming weeks.
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    This is looking very promising. A huge amount of work also. Waiting in great anticipation. Thanks for your work!
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    Show us your vehicle

    Last Summer I got.... A "57 Morris Minor. Its a running resto, barrels a barrel of laughs and no matter where you go it gets smiles, waves and randoms coming up for a chat about it. Also my first post here in a long time. :)
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    [W.I.P.] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    Time to re-discover the island of Oahu. TDU Platinum pursue the objective to be more than a collection of many different mods in a pack, the objective is to deliver a whole new experience, a whole new way to play with endless possibilities to choose at your own demand, ready to go. The work being done is beyond the gathering of different vehicles, sounds and gauges from different online websites and packing them together, it goes further to new physics, brand new weather, compatible with HDiR, new world textures and also new music for background and radio statios. New Physics Over 850 vehicles Correct color names Dedicated camera for each vehicle New weather - HDiR compatible New map textures New radio stations Easily moddable Easy installation Images Modders and special mentions Djey Speeder Pator5 Minime891 TDUZoqqer Combat-Shotgun Norby931 Miha2795 Tool831 2CV SUPER GT StarGT PhatPunk Reventon09 DriverTDU Takumi Acvet06 Doctor G DjoyTinnio Urban iLLusion Zebukas FenixZ Kvrt666 VDVS Opelos_HUN Tob-Racer MagicV8 Rulezzz VDV522 XtensoJDM t0m3k911 scuderia458 [email protected]= _Volgograd_ Sourkho And many other who have worked to keep TDU alive and interesting for so many years. TDUCk HF Garage TDULOG :: Test Drive Unlimited tdu.net.ru Drivers-paradise Without everyone, TDU Platinum wouldn't be anything more than a dream, so, all those people deserve a round of applause and we'll meet somewhere in Hawaii. Always remember to make a backup of your game before you perform any modification. - Original copy of TDU installed - Not available yet Q. When it will be released? There is no release date just yet. Q. Why does some vehicles display an absurd Top Speed? That's because how TDU was codded. Sadly, to get the gear ratios to work as they should, you must set the car's Top Speed as the top gear speed. Which means, the maximum speed that the final gear could achieve, regardless of it's power or drag. Usually, vehicles that have an "Overdrive gear" will display absurd values, since the last gear is really long, with the porpouse of fuel saving. Q. Ok, but why it is actually the Top Speed value is lower than the final gear speed? That's because TDU, by standard, adds around 10% more top speed. So, if a car final gear speed is 330 km/h, if you set as 300 km/h, in-game the car will reach 330 km/h. Now, if you set 330 km/h, the car will actually be faster than it should, and will reach 363 km/h. Deducting 10% of the speed makes not only the final gear accurate, but every gear will top at the correct speed, if your gear ratios are correct, which means the speed you need to shift will also be accurate.
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    Dear Visitor! Check out the website and/or the TurboDuck discord channel of "Around The Ground" NOW! Regards.
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    New site discovery

    Custom themes
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    i'd show you but you never asked
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    Yeah, plus, these effects can vary from computer to computer. Weaker the computer, faster they will get the issues. So, some people might never experience it at all. One thing that helps is avoid keeping other stuff open in the same time as the game, such as web browsers, spotify, etc.
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    Yes, sadly there is an issue with the car. The problem is the mod itself, the AE86 mod. Sadly, the modder who did it, didn't really optimized it for TDU, which makes it "heavier" for the game, causing the glitches. Some other vehicles can have the same effect. How to fix it? Use another AE86 mod file. Problem to do that? Not many good AE86 mods around, and that happens with other cars aswell, sadly, untill someone makes a real good AE86, we're stuck with it. I've replaced some cars that could find other and better models (ex: 959), but that is not possible with all of them. Edit: And yes, it's a "2JZ swap". Lol
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    IT WORKS! THANK you so much!
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    oh crap didn't knew thanks! Here's the file DB.bnk
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    Dear Modders and Gamers

    I think that's mostly fine, in TDU's case i'd just adjust it a little bit to Mods TDU Vehicle Environment Others /UI (This is where you can find sound mods, HUD file mods, rim mods, physics mods, Packs and Project Paradise) Tools (This is where you can find modification tools, such as TDU Performance Editor, TDU Modding Tools and TDUF Toolset 1.12) TDU2 Vehicle Environment Others / UI Tools All other games
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    Boo! Porsche and letter P is finally finished. :cheery: Thanks for the support and understandment guys! I know it's taking a long time, a lot longer than i wanted, but i believe it's for a good cause. :joyful: