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Another Ferrari joins the Need for Speed roster

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Hello Maranello

After the understated reveal that the Ferrari F40 was coming to Need for Speed (NFS) it was wondered what else from the Maranello stable, if anything, would come with it? Well there is at least one more, as the next of the Prancing Horses to be shown is the more recent 458 Italia coupé.


These two cars are separated by around 20 years but they are held in high regards to the fun they deliver to whoever's lucky enough to be driving. With the F40 this is mainly down to weight being the core idea, with paint so thin you could see the carbon fibre weave underneath and the welds from the welding inside as coverings were seen as unnecessary additional weight. At the opposite end of that time frame, the 458 - which has since been superseded by the 488 GTB - used large swathes of technology and clever computing to make the driver look like a lot more adept than what they really were, keeping them from heading towards the nearest ditch when in the throws of some spirited driving.


Seeing Ferrari in car games may not seem that out of the ordinary but you have to remember that NFS will have extensive customisation and Police -- two things that Ferrari have never really cared to have their cars seen with.


Need for Speed is out in November for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with PC coming in Spring 2016.

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