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Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition Announced For PlayStation 4 And Xbox One (Out: April 20th)

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Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition Announced

As the Bonus Pack 3 content pack starts to arrive on console – starting first with the PS4 only days ago – comes the announcement of a brand new Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition, a complete package containing everything that has come to the acclaimed simulation racer since its launch.


That means all the premium packs such as the Red Pack, Japanese Pack, the trio of Porsche Packs, Ferrari 70th Anniversary and the others, along with all the free Bonus Packs and content that has landed over its time, helps take the total amount of content to 178 cars and 16 circuits with 33 track configurations: including real-world legends such as Spa, Laguna Seca and Nürburgring, with fantasy tracks Black Cat County and Highlands mingling in.



No doubt a final farewell to the original game, and a good way to entice those who never jumped in to see just what they have been missing, the Ultimate Edition is out for PS4 and Xbox One on April 20th. Setting up those who like what they see, to keenly watch whatever is next to come from the Kunos development team.


Awesome to see a developer use the ‘Ultimate Edition’ label and actually mean it.

The End of Assetto Corsa?

Presumably, this signals the end of support for the original AC by Kunos, as only minutes after revealing this did they tease that “something big is going to happen” on February 21st, together with a hint that it would be a good idea to watch the official site.



Is the next Assetto Corsa game announcement less than a week away? Well, I guess we’ll know this time next week.


[via Assetto Corsa Official]

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