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Auto Club Revolution - AI Developer Diary

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Computers? Driving Cars!?

Eutechnyx, developers of Auto Club Revolution have released a second developer diary, this time highlighting their new AI system. AI, usually a large component of racing games, pits the player against a number of computer controlled players. Anything from the most basic of racing to complex manoeuvres can be simulated by computer controlled "Artificial Intelligence". The computer will scan the track for possible movements and will work out where the best place to put the car is. From simulating basic club level racing to massive motorsport events with the world's best drivers, AI lets anyone have a great challenge against anyone of their skill level.


Below is the press release from Eutechnyx.

 development team at Eutechnyx has produced a new dev diary video which looks at the implementation of A.I. races and how they can challenge drivers of all stripes.


Players can choose to race against A.I. opponents, adding an entirely new element to the single player experience.

Check out the AI Developer Diary below, it gives a great insight to how AI works.



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