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DriveClub announced for PlayStation 4!

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Driving in a Club

I doubt anyone would be surprised to see a racing game being revealed for a new console but typically you expect it to be of a known series, and with it being the PlayStation 4 announcement meeting many were no doubt waging their bets on seeing a glimpse of a next-gen Gran Turismo or maybe Motorstorm. This did not happen though, in fact evolution studios the people behind the Motorstorm series revealed a brand new IP, DriveClub, which will feature many real-world cars such as BMW, Pagani and Maserati to name a few. With a name like that you just know that many "first rule of DriveClub" jokes have already made their way out but this game is looking to take a somewhat new approach to the racing game genre with a big emphasis on team-based... or I should say club-based gameplay. You and your club can set-up races and events (on your mobiles!) against other clubs that encompass anywhere from a mere small group to 1000's of players all over the world.


DriveClub has only just been announced and a small trailer is all we have right now, but we will be keeping our eyes on this one to see if it is one of the first next-gen racing games worth having.



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