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DRIVECLUB Bikes is real and it is here NOW!

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A number of hours ago PEGI published a record for a new game called 'DRIVECLUB Bikes' (some Sony muppet also posted images showing DRIVECLUB Bikes on the official PlayStation Blog Flickr).


And would you believe it, it turns out that it was in fact true.


Announced and shown during the Sony conference at Paris Games Week was DRIVECLUB Bikes. Now if you are an idiot you will need me to tell you that this means that bikes have come to DRIVECLUB.


10_1445972120.44.70.229-20150723-0284 80ps-20150722-0287_1445972151


Offerings from the likes of Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM, MV Agusta and Ducati are available for you to play out your own high-speed weaving through environments in all weathers fantasies, without the fear of ending up on your arse or being in a complete plaster body cast that is seen in cartoons.



  • 12 of the world’s best superbikes: Featuring bikes from top manufacturers including Yamaha, Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda, BMW, and more.
  • Full Bikes Tour campaign: We’ve designed a new game mode and loads of events to help you get to grips with bikes and ultimately challenge you to master every superbike in the game.
  • Unlimited Challenges: Create and compete in new challenges to show off and test your speed, agility, and skills with bikes.
  • Personalised events: Create your own events on any track, in any mode, at any time, and with near limitless weather conditions.
  • Multiplayer racing: Take advantage of the extra space on every track with opportunities to overtake on every corner in heated wheel-to-wheel action.
  • Customisation: Personalize your bikes and your rider, including paint jobs, rider leathers, and custom helmets.
  • Clubs: Everything you do in Driveclub Bikes contributes to the success of your Club, unlocking new rewards, accolades, customization and challenges.

Being from the meticulous mad sods at Evolution Studios (Evo) you know these bikes are going to look the business. Everything about the real thing is recreated in and on the digital version and should you feel the urge tomorrow to go to a moped store tomorrow and buy one, you can be safe in the knowledge that the dials and gauges you will see on the real thing will be exactly as they were in the game; meaning there should be no embarrassing moments of crying when you see something different to what the game has.


10_1445972122.44.71.35-20150720-0042 10_1445972124.44.71.35-20150724-0168


Even more insane is that the video was a Sega Saturn moment from Sony and Evo, as the update, both available in standalone and a DLC, was available right after shortly not long within an hour of when they said it would be. ;)


If you love DRIVECLUB get this, if you love bikes get this, if you... hell just get it ok!


Check out  some of the Evo lot talking about the Bikes update.



DRIVECLUB Bikes - Gallery


[gallery columns=5" link="file" ids="3242,3243,3247,3248,3249,3250,3251,3252,3253,3254,3255,3256,3257,3258,3260,3261,3262,3263,3264,3265,3266,3267,3268,3269]


Thanks: PlayStation Blog

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