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DRIVECLUB Developer Interview Video

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Meet the Creators

It's been a while since we have heard anything about DRIVECLUB the team-based racer for PlayStation 4 that's coming from those clever folk at Evolution Studios. Sure there has been a couple of magazine interviews and the occasional posting on the official Facebook but nothing like we saw at the PlayStation event back in February, where there was plenty of video and glimpses at the level of detail they are aiming for. Today though this changes ....a bit, as just before E3 where we will hopefully see a lot more of this game Sony have released this new Developer Interview or "Conversations with Creators" video as they call it. In it we hear a lot of typical speak about how the game will handle, who it will cater to and how it's constantly connected to provide you and your friends with challenges and goals to one-up each other on, but also there is a good wee bit of gameplay shown with various cars and from the way they move it definitely gives off a PGR feeling than anything overly sim or arcade.


DRIVECLUB is potentially coming out at the end of this year along with the launch of the PS4.


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