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DRIVECLUB Receives the Urban Tracks From VR Edition for FREE in Latest Update

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DRIVECLUB Urban Tracks

When PlayStation VR released, one of the first titles to properly take advantage of and show what was so good about Virtual Reality was DRIVECLUB VR.


Releasing as a full title it was only right that it received brand new content that wasn’t in the normal release and so a selection of new tracks set in urban environments was included.


It could have been left like that but no, as continuing on with the fantastic post-release support that Evolution Studios oozed upon DRIVECLUB, it was revealed that these new tracks would also hit the original game in a free future update.



Announced via the PlayStation Europe twitter, ‘The Urban Tracks’ update adds 15 new tracks that can also be run in reverse and sees the new layouts of: Gujo in Japan; Ashii in India, Iquique in Chile; Port of Vancouver in Canada and Bryggen in Norway added to the standard game.


Weighing in at close to 6GB this update is no small thing and continues to show the decision by Sony to close down Evolution Studios to be a real head scratcher as to why they did so. This team is not only talented, they are passionate, take immense pride in their work and have a scary attention to detail. What more could you ask for?!



Our good friends at MotoGamesTV have captured some vids of the new tracks.


A small message from what is more than likely the squad at Evolution is included at the end of the changelog for the Version 1.28 update: "Thanks for your support. Thanks for your commitment. Farewell and enjoy the game!" it reads. :(


Yes ‘Farewell’ to Evo, but HELLO!! to Rushy and the team that are working on a racing game for Codemasters and a big best of luck! to the rest of Evo wherever you clever sausages have ended up!


[via twitter]

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