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Need for Speed 2017: EA going with 2-year dev cycle again

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Need for Speed 2017

The reboot of the Need for Speed series was released starting back in November last year for the PS4 and Xbox One after being in development for two years. Now today we hear that this schedule will continue as the next one will be Need for Speed 2017.


Not surprisingly, nothing is known about what this future NFS will be about, contain or be based upon except for maybe having cars of course. Will it follow on from the current and go down the more urban street-racing culture and deliver us more of those cringey live action scenes to make the story progress? Well as said not long ago, we don't know and probably won't until around the same point in 2017 where we were provided with the first view of what became the current Need for Speed.


Having only released for the PC in March and with the excitement over the announcement of all future DLC content being free for the game, it is naturally pushing the buttons of some people who are upset that the post-release support has dried up. That's not to say that EA and Ghost didn't deliver on their promise, they did, with a number of new cars, challenges and that rather splendid Photo mode that they strangely named 'Snapshot Pro' (think I may remember a photo place called that) but you can understand why people feel this way.


Before the mention about the 'that's your lot for this one' a figure rich infographic was revealed showing just how much enjoyment players have had with winning, customising and sharing from their times with the game.

Since Need for Speed made its return, you've spent a massive amount of time on the roads of Ventura Bay. You’ve collected over 9.8 billion REP points, taken over 35 million Snapshots, raced in over 10 million Drag Races, and beaten a total of 52 million Eddie’s Challenge Events. You’ve spent a stunning 950 million minutes customizing cars, no doubt helped with the $2.5 trillion in-game cash earned. You’ve shared more than 700,000 wraps, resulting in more than 13 million downloads by your fellow NFS fans.

[caption id=attachment_5105" align="alignnone" width="800]needforspeed-stats-figures One for the statistics and number fans this![/caption]


Depending on what kind of NFS gamer you are, you will either wish for the past glory of the series to return with the classic racing around point-to-point locations given the choice of whether to have the police pursuing you as you do or simply going for being first across the line. For those who idolise the Supra then it's clear you will want them to expand on what this reboot brought with it and want an even bigger open-world environment, the latter of which I totally agree.


No matter where your driving hat lies with the Need for Speed series, there is now a lengthy wait for the next one and you may not agree with this, but for us, this is the fun part, where the guessing, wishing and blowing tiny slivers of info out of proportion takes place, but in doing so, it brings all manner of fan together to share and discuss with one another. And if you have some sway with the 10+ year olds then you'll probably get a chance to see the game and help shape it during its development phase. (Yay?)

We are now building upon the foundations that have been laid with Need for Speed and delivering our next game in 2017.


That’s not to say that we’re going quiet between now and then... far from it. We'll be working with our community and there will be multiple opportunities to bring many of you into the studio in the coming months to get your feedback on where we're headed.

Source: NFS blog

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Have something to say about this? Jump on over to our forum and tell us how you would like the future of NFS to go.

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