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Need for Speed and Hot Wheels Team Up

Need for Hot Wheels

Need for Speed and toy car maker Hot Wheels are to team up in bringing a select few cars from the game to stores worldwide.


Announced on the @needforspeed twitter the vehicles that will make the digital to die-cast jump are the: Nissan Fairlady Z, Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 and Dodge SRT Viper. The Fairlady Z will start to arrive in stores next month with the Skyline and Viper due early next year.


Emblazoned on the Viper is the well known Hot Wheels logo, whereas the others appear to have decals of the logo adorning them amongst other real world manufacturers and brands. It has to be said that the cars are really well done and not too ott or a mess as could have been the case. (if you like mess then booo!)


needforspeed-hotwheels-fairladyz_20151028 needforspeed-hotwheels-skyliner34_20151028


Partnerships like this are fun to see as they make sense. And a little bit of collectorship (that even a word?) doesn't hurt providing there is no overly large advantage to be gained in the game for players.


Need for Speed is classed as a reboot of the series and the brand, however it looks like they have done some serious homework and are rebooting a lot of the behind the game workings too, in a good way.

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