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Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo is out!

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Burnout in Paradise

If you haven't had a go of the latest offering of the Need for Speed series by developers Criterion then here is your chance, as the demo of the game is now available to download on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (no PC as usual). So if you want to see if the game carries on the legacy of the much loved original Most Wanted which was actually released this-gen believe it or not, well then go forth and compare to your hearts desire! It has to be said that many people who enjoyed Burnout Paradise have taken to this game well from the general views you can read around but for the #oldskool (that's before Underground!) NFS players, well you'll need to keep praying to the Gods that EA make your game another time.


Go forth and get in a massive pursuit, I command thee.

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What this is the original NFS MW (the map has a lot of references to the original game, plus references from BP and HP2010)... but worse, combined with Burnout Paradise... but worse, with some elements from NFS HP 2010 thrown in, and a bunch of new cars not released back when the original games came out.


On the Xbox 360 the graphics look rubbish and the FPS would have to be below 30FPS from my estimation, plus it also stutters regularly, making steering inputs imprecise at best. It looks like a 7 year old game being played on a 10 year old non-gaming PC.


Nowhere near as good (technically) as Forza Horizon. Game probably runs better on PC but then I'd have to install Origin.


Switching cars as you find them makes the races harder since there's no easy way of knowing if you're in a suitable (fast enough) car for the race you've just selected. Oh and the map feels just as small as the original MW from 2005 as well. After playing for 30-60 minutes I had been around most of it.


Might give this to my younger brother and find a PC version that doesn't require Origin.

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