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Need for Speed Payback: Derelicts, Performance Tuning, Vanity Customisation, Warehouse Storage & More!

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Need for Speed Payback Information Blowout!

Ghost Games have published multiple posts on the official Need for Speed blog giving players the lowdown on what can be found, built, tweaked and done in the game when it releases this coming November.


With the two-year development time provided, Ghost have taken the functions and features of 2015’s Need for Speed game and added a whole lot more, along with catering to a few of the requests voiced by the community. Customisation is still a paramount inclusion but now there’s even more to throw on with the new ‘Vanity’ components, and the lack of vehicle storage issue that regularly came up has been addressed with a virtual warehouse that can store an infinite amount of vehicles.


Derelicts – Why Don’t You Build Me Up!

Beginning with something new to NFS but not racing games of the last few years is what they call ‘Derelicts’. Think of this as a cross between the wrecks of TDU 2 and the Barn Finds of the Forza Horizon games. These are scrap shells of cars that can be built up to normal stock and beyond, even so far as to become a supercar competitor.

Alongside the chassis you’ll also need to locate four other parts; wheels, drivetrain and two unique parts that are specific to your chosen Derelict build. Each of the five parts that make up a Derelict can be found hidden throughout Fortune Valley.

Finding these is done by tracking a project and then following the clues and pointers that direct to the whereabouts of the missing part where the actual discovery, will be down to the player.


[caption id=attachment_7133" align="aligncenter" width="800]nfspayback-derelict-ui-800x450.jpg Explore and get wrecked! :)[/caption]


Once this is ready to be converted into a drivable state the option of turning it into one of five car classes becomes open. Unlike the regular cars, Derelicts can be any of the car classes available but once that choice is made there is no backing out. So choose wisely. Now what was once a wreck is ready to be spruced and goosed (huh? - it rhymed ok!) with all the visual horror and performance enhancing that all other cars suffer enjoy.


But wait, there’s more! Hit Tier 3 and just like a CARS movie version of Popeye (look him up kids) your evolving mass of twisted metal can be metaphorically fed some vehicular spinach and become a Super Build!! Unlocking a realm where even more extreme customisation can be performed, turning your vehicle into all-out Maximum Overdrive (kudos if you get this reference).


[caption id=attachment_7134" align="aligncenter" width="800]nfspayback-derelict-superbuild-800x450.j Herbie Gets Down and Dirty[/caption]


Thankfully Ghost have had the foresight to realise that locking players into a one time thing with these is not going to be appreciated, and so once a Derelict project has been completed the stock version will become available to purchase from the specialised dealer, whereby this new purchase can be transformed into the other wanted class(es) of the player’s choosing.


In total there are five Derelict projects to find and turn into insane monsters: Chevrolet Bel Air 1955, Ford Mustang 1965, NISSAN Fairlady ZG 1971, Chevrolet C10 Stepside Pickup 1965 and the Volkswagen Beetle 1963.

Dealers, Part Shops, Garages... and Fuel Stations

Throughout the game the desire for a new car will arise, whether that’s because an event needs a class that isn’t currently owned or just that the player has been saving up so that they can buy their dream car, the getting hold of something new is always fun. And in taking more inspiration from the TDU games (and others), Payback treats the buying of new cars in the same sort of realistic manner with dealerships.


No official renditions though, it’s all fictional specialised examples in Fortune Valley only, independently catering between Exotics, Classic, Muscle, Rally, Sports and Sports Compact.


Once the car is bought it is time to tune and modify it and where better to buy some parts than at the Part Shop.


Progression through the game’s campaign will have players earning parts by winning events, but these shops are there for picking up specific items the player may want and doesn't want to wait for. The stock is constantly changing, so if the part isn’t there then some waiting for a brief time and heading back later will be required.


A common complaint of the previous game was how limited storage was and Ghost have heeded this as even though there may be only five garages to purchase in the game for storage, the acquisition of all them will grant access to what is known as the unlimited virtual warehouse. Wonder if there is a mechanic to deliver from it?


Usually forgotten about in racing games except as a piece of environment art, Fuel/Gas Stations have had their moments to shine in titles of the past and their use is one of such obviousness that it seems crazy how little they get used. So it is good to see that one of my favourite uses of them is going to be in Payback: enter one and the nitrous will be refilled along with any visual damage sustained.


Perhaps one day a game will actually allow the incorporation of fuel via a user option and these stations can be used as they are meant to be.

Vanity – Al Pacino’s Favourite Sin

The car has been tweaked, performance is at maximum and the sleek lines, low profile tires and added body parts are making it look like a real menace. Now personally I would be prone to leaving it here but I know that there’s others who will not be thinking Less is more, but instead More is better.

Take your visual customization further and build out your dream car with the addition of Vanity Items. There's multiple types of vanity item on offer in NFS Payback, each one allowing you to customize your car with that little extra personal flavour; Underglow, Tire Smoke, Nitrous Flames and Air Suspension.

And so Payback allows you to style excess to your heart’s content by adding ‘Vanity’ items. As long as it’s not being forced on the rest of us I don’t see why allowing them to have these extras is a bad thing.


[gallery type=rectangular" link="file" size="seven-post-image" ids="7128,7127,7129]

Performance – The Need for Speed

Naturally speed is an important factor in this game and so performance tuning is available in abundance, coming in six categories: Block, Head, Turbo, Exhaust, ECU, and Transmission


Accumulating parts is done by winning events, purchasing from the Part Shops, and a Targeted Roll system which allows for a bit more choice in the random part allocation that winning events gives, at the expense of a few unwanted parts needing to be recycled.


Parts also have levels and these are important when it comes to upgrading performance. The higher the level, the more power it will deliver. They also help in determining the tier of your car.

If you’ve got a car with a set of level 1 parts applied to it, it’ll be Tier 1.0. Equip another car with level 18 (maximum level) parts and the tier will increase to 3.99.

Taking the performance further is achievable by equipping parts that have perks associated with them.

Perks provide an additional bonus to many of your cars key performance areas; Top Speed, Acceleration, nitrous, Air and Braking. Get lucky and find parts with multiple perks to really push your performance to the next level.

Believe it or not we’re not done with performance boosting as there is even more to be gained. Install multiple parts from the same brand and through this brand synergy another bonus will awarded.


With all this power you had better be sure to shout like Clarkson when using it.

Live Tuning – Handle with care

Depending on what kind of racing game fan you are, chances are you either love or hate the modern NFS games, but for its fans, the handling is never seen as much of an issue.


In the run up to release we will hear more about how the game controls from those whose opinions we trust and can relate to.


Until that time however, and if you’re in the camp that cares more about what you can do to the cars rather than how they drive then know that during races, events etc the car’s tuning can be altered on the fly through ‘Live Tuning’.


In a game that is generally as hectic and requires fast responses it will be fascinating to see how well this incorporates. Although it could come in quite nicely during freeroam sessions with impromptu drag races and the like.


[via Need for Speed]

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