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The Division Update 1.1 Lost the Falcon

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The Division Update 1.1 Lost the Falcon

On April 12th Ubisoft will be releasing Update 1.1 for The Division and included with this is a new, free mission called an incursion. The incursion, Falcon Lost will take you outside of the normal game area for a raid like mission.


If you're not yet level 30 yet(chop chop) or don't have decent gear then I think you'll need to spend the next few days wisely to prepare for it. If the challenging daily missions are anything to go by, this new mission will be a tough son of a female dog. Especially seeing as though the entire mission has no checkpoints so if you all die then you'll have to start from scratch.




To complement the new update, Ubisoft will also be unleashing their shiny banhammer on the people that feel the need to cheat or glitch to ruin the game for others. I've not knowingly encountered any cheaters but I do know how frustrating they are in online games so this is very much welcome.


It's also been mentioned that no Ubisoft team has been able to beat the new mission on its challenging difficulty. *correct at time of sleeping, factuality may vary*




For a full list of bug fixes and new things head over the the Ubisoft Blog here.

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