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Fallout 4 DLC Announced

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Fallout 4 DLC Announced & Season Pass Update

Bethesda have finally dropped the news that we were all waiting for: the first 3 DLC and they're coming out in the next 3 months!


You have until the end of February to get the Fallout 4 season price at the low price of £24.99/$29.99 before the price increases to £39.99/$49.95. All of the DLC mentioned in this article comes included with the season pass along with what will hopefully be much more over the course of the year.




Automatron. Automatron. Automatron. Such an odd, yet amusing word. Anyway, if you liked Mr Handy as a companion then you're going to love Automatron. But if you hated being hunted down by robots then you may want to give Automatron a miss as rest assured, there will be even more robots to chase you down.


Automatron will let you build and customise your own robotic companion that will blow Mr Handy out of the water. You can even paint your Automatron too but there has been no word on stickers yet.


Automatron will be available some point next month for £7.99/$9.99.

Wasteland Workshop

Wasteland Workshop


Have you ever wondered which would win, an Alpha Deathclaw or 100 Molerats? Well, with any luck you'll be able to find out come April when we get access to the Wasteland Workshop add-on which adds new features for your settlement building needs.


Along with this comes the ability to capture wild "animals" if you can call a giant irradiated Cockroach an animal. You can then tame them to fight alongside you, or for you more twisted people out there, don't be shy, we know that's most of you. You can set them against your own settlers and watch them flee! or, get eaten.


The Wasteland Workshop will be available at some point in April this year for the price of £3.99/$4.99 or free if you have the season pass.

Far Harbour

Far Harbour


So far, not much has been said about Far Harbour apart from it's a Harbour and it's apparently quite Far. We do know that it includes a new area to explore full of new quests, buildings/dungeons, creatures, new armour, weapons and some lovely wastelanders that will try and shoot you in the back with the first opportunity that they get. SOoo to be fair, quite a bit has actually been said about Far Harbour so far...


Far Harbour (The Harbour that's apparently quite Far remember) can be yours for the low low modest price of only £19.99/$24.99 in May.


Stay tuned for more updates once the DLC release dates get closer. In the mean time, stay safe out there Dwellers.


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