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Paladin Skylark
Paladin Skylark

Fallout 4 Survival Mode coming to PS4 & Xbox One in April

    You're Going To Die

    Today Todd Howard (AKA Game Developer God) discussed the upcoming Survival Mode that is debuting in Fallout 4 in April. The mode is currently in Beta on Steam for those of you PC players out there who wish to give it a go, for those of us on console we are to expect it in April. When? We have no idea, Todd Howard doesn't like release dates.


    What can you expect in this new mode?

    Todd laid it out for us:

    Saving With Sleep - The only way to save the game is to find a bed and sleep for at least an hour.

    No Fast Travel - You know that settlement across the Commonwealth that's being attacked? You have to walk there, the entire way there.

    Hardcore Damage - You deal out more damage, but you also take a lot more, stay safe kids.

    Threats On Compass - They're being removed, so you can literally walk right into a pack of bandits, or that Deathclaw you've been avoiding.

    Adrenaline - This is a new perk that provides a bonus to damage output by killing things, lots of things. Although sleeping will remove the effect so keep that in mind.

    Needs - No it's not The Sims, but you will need to eat, sleep and drink to ensure that you stay in fighting shape!

    Fatigue - Walking is hard, this affects your Action Points - the more fatigued you are, the less you can sprint or use VATS to get those easy kills.

    Wellness - Crippled limbs are no longer healed by Stimpacks, nor are effects removed by using them.

    Carry Weight - All ammunition will now weigh you down depending on size of calibre, as well as your legs will give out if you carry too much.

    Companions - No longer get back up if downed by combat - they run back to a settlement to heal up, wastelanding is hard work.

    Will you be taking on Survival Mode when it gets released some ambiguous time in April? Let us know below or on the forums!


    Thanks to Youtube channel Open World Games for the title picture!

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