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Fun Browser Based Car Games To Play When You Are Bored

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Fun Browser Based Car Games

The great thing about today is that games can be played almost anywhere and this is no more known than in educational institutions and the workplace. Sneaking that moment of game time during class or while you are meant to be working is something we have all done, right?


And with so many car games out there to waste the hours of the day with, just what is worth playing? Well there’s a lot, a hell of a lot in fact. Catering to all facets of driving subject, and with the power of Google you can find them all but what about the ones that are both fun and/or provide a challenge. They’re out there, I found some, and I am going to share them with you.


My favourite of the moment is this retro-inspired top-down view monster truck racing game where the aim is to win the race and accumulate money, allowing for the purchase of better and faster vehicles, in order to be able to compete in the rest of the series, towards the goal of eventually winning it all. There are also achievements to be unlocked which surprised me, including a tricky one where you need to jump your vehicle through a ring-of-fire.


We switch to a challenge next with a clever and quite taxing little TRON-esque puzzle game. This starts off very easy and actually lulls you into a false sense of security, convincing you that it is simple, but it quickly shows itself not to be the case. As you have to be quick with the fingers and watch your velocity, otherwise you will just end up on your roof or falling off the coloured path because you were too slow in changing the radioactive glow your cycle is currently emitting. It’s basic in its actions, but one that is sure to challenge you, your perceptions and your reactions. (you will literally get stuck at times!)


Just because these are played in your browser doesn’t mean they are weak. Our last game requires your system to have a bit of muscle in order to get the best out of it.


How does a mix between Destruction Derby and Twisted Metal sound to you? Well that’s what my last of this recommended trio of picks is. With a name like ‘Lethal Brutal Racing’ you know this is not going to be some typical from light-to-flag affair. Nope it’s a bit more angrier with lots of weapons, plenty of wrecks, and courses that have been designed to not only keep your eyes on those around you, but also what’s coming up next.


And so, If you find yourself bored or needing to pass that bit of time before the school or work day ends, and your phone is off-limits, check these out. Who knows, they may even have you seeking out modern day equivalents because you enjoyed them so much.

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