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No Man's Sky Goes Gold

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No Man's Sky Finally Goes Gold

No Mans Sky, if you've not heard of this title yet from (former) indie developer Hello Games then where have you been and how did you find a rock big and light enough to live under for the past 2 years?


Anywho, I digress, one of my most eagerly anticipated games of the year and possibly decade so far has finally gone gone after a short initial delay. No Mans Sky offers explorers the chance to visit a vast array of planets coming from a pool of over 18 quintilian planets. Yes, that is 18,446,744,073,709,551,616. I'm not even going to try and explain that number, I'll just let you digest it.



As you explore through the universe you will come across a vast array of planets that are all unique with differing levels of life, vegetation, resources and buildings. There are even aliens! And when you discover a new life form, your discovery will be stored online so other people who come across that life form will know that you discovered it. Whether or not you will come across somebody elses discovery is another matter. You could even play for years without coming across another fellow human being in game. It really is just that big.



Something to look forward to after the initial release is the possibility of Virtual Reality support. There have been rumours running about for over a year that No Man's Sky may eventually get VR support. This would definitely be up there with Dirt Rally for VR support.


NewEridu  Fleet


Exploring has never been so easy. What are you waiting for, get ready with your snacks of choice to go exploring far flung worlds whilst sat in your pants in the comfort of your living room. Life has never been so good, not that its something that I would do myself though... Roll on August 9th/10th.


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