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Reducing The Stress By Playing Fun Web Games

    When Stressed, Play Fun Web Games

    Over the past month or so I have been real busy in converting our site and community over to https, as well as moving our dated forum to a better and more modern software; and being the non-genius that I am, I got stuck, trampled and very confused during this time.


    So, like most people, I liked to step away from the task at hand and go do something else. As if you didn’t know, walking away and doing other things at these moments, can keep you working on the problem still at the back of your mind.


    Therefore, between watching tv, listening to music, going for a walk and reading old school books (The White Mountains!), I also took to playing some web games – the more stress free and crazier the better. Even making sure to move away from my preference for car games, as the need to place or win would much likely make my head explode!


    And so, I found myself doing everything from (simply!) driving a lorry/semi-truck from point A-B while avoiding C, D, E, F and G, and had fun racing in the stone age, in a title that felt like a brilliant Mario Kart and Worms mash-up.


    Undoubtedly though, the best of them all, was the one where you need to defend some cows from being abducted by aliens, by picking them up and delivering them to a plane at the airport. (stupid but fun!) I have to warn you, this one is especially addictive!


    Did playing these work in easing my tensions? Well, just like what kind of happened with Einstein at the Patent Office, doing this helped me solve some of the issues I was facing, and even reset my frustration, so yeah, I would say it did.


    Although, there has been a side-effect to this: I keep going back to play that crazy save the cows from aliens game. Oh well. :)

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