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The Division: Overall A Successful Launch

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The Division - A Little Bit Divided

The Division's launch is now a few days behind us, and overall it appears to be have been a successful launch minus a handful of hiccups. There were a few reports of people being unable to login to the game in the hours after the servers were enabled that gave some users the dreaded 'Mike' error. It was apparently named after our own Mike as the servers just refused to lift a finger and do any work! (hehe)


I'm one of those boring people who has a job, so was unable to experience any of these issues as they had mostly been resolved by the time I got home. But I did encounter a somewhat annoying issue at the beginning of the game. Those of you that have played will know that at the start you need to activate your character in a safe house before you are let loose to raise havoc on the city of New York. This laptop however, for some people had other ideas and simply would not let more than 1 person activate at a given time, meaning the forming of an orderly queue became a bit of a side-quest for players.


[caption id=attachment_4412" align="alignnone" width="800]The Division - Forming an orderly queue "The Computer Says No"[/caption]


This was quite problematic as activation requires holding a button for a couple of seconds. And with everyone eager to play the game this resulted in nobody being able to play the game when in certain servers. In fact it took me over an hour of pressing the square button, cooking dinner and even eating my dinner before I could play the game.


But when I could, I found it quite enjoyable. The game blends two genres, a shooter with role-playing game mechanics and I have to say that they have done this rather well. The RPG elements aren't overly complicated and shouldn't put off those who are not really into levelling skills, choosing perks and what not. The shooter side is also nicely done with them striking a balance between single player enjoyment and playing in a team of people.


[caption id=attachment_4415" align="alignnone" width="800]The Division - Dog Yo Dog![/caption]


Some people are not too sure on the game, but from who I've talked to about The Division, they all seem to enjoy it. Especially with the Easter eggs that have been scattered around New York, however I won't be the one to spoil these for you.



How are you finding The Division yourself? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the forums when you can tear yourself away from it.

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