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Humble Ubisoft Bundle Encore

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Humble Ubisoft Bundle Encore

Another week, another bundle. This time it's in partnership with the somewhat known Ubisoft known for bringing us games such as that one with the cars and that other one with the building climby people, or that other other one with the futurey gadget people.


This time you have plenty of notice, more than 13 days in fact to scrape together those pennies for all of the games below, with more to be announced. This weeks charities are Extra Life / Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Stack-Up, and Girls Who Code so why not dig deep, or shallow you tight buggers and have fun supporting them!




For a mere $1 you can get the three games above to tide you over until you get chance to play the games below if you paid over the average, which is currently $5.04. And by the time the bundle is over, there will be at least one more game to play. Whose hoping the next game will be Watchdogs?




And for those of you who aren't tight buggers, you can get the games below by paying over $15 and $75 respectively for the drivey, climby and futurey games mentioned before!




A noteworthy mention is that the majority of these games are only redeemable on Ubisofts uPlay platform as opposed to the usual Steam for these bundles. But for the potential price, you can't really complain can you?

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