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Modding, Pro teams, Reiza and more !

From Reiza Renato interview:
RD: Speaking of staffing, I hear plenty of people on the forum asking if Niels is still involved in the project (being something of a gMotor expert but missing from the rF2 Reiza DLC credits) – is he still with you?
RS: Niels is still onboard as a consultant but his involvement had already gradually decreased over the years as his hardware business grew and took most of his time. He still has a peek in from time to time to provide some insights, which is most welcome as he has the uncanny ability of coming up with good ideas and finding solutions in whatever area that happens to catch his attention.
With regards to the day-to-day nitty&gritty of physics development he´ll be a bit less involved as he is understandably not keen on completely revamping his physics tools for the new engine and tyre model, but that in itself isn´t a big change as Niels has always enjoyed a loose commitment with us where the door just sort of remains open for him to come and do whatever peaks his interest - he did usually find time to do most of the baseline physics for our cars but general physics development hasn’t ever been a one-man job.
In any case he´ll still be helping us out whenever we have some issue or a funky new bit of aero or suspension to figure out, and for all other cases we still have the products of nearly a decade of collaboration and a physics database covering pretty much any type of vehicle to draw from for years to come.

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