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Paladin Skylark
Paladin Skylark

An Open Letter To Rumours of Elder Scrolls VI

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Skyrim 2.0 Is Go...

Hello and welcome to yet another instalment of Open Letters! In this “weekly” column I write an open letter to something relating to news, or I respond to a letter sent in from one of you, the readers! (if you want to send in a question/concern for me to write about, email me at: [email protected]) This week however this article/column/trash-heap is aimed at Elder Scrolls VI Rumours.


Rumours, they've ruined High School Prom, they've ruined your chances with Scarlett Johansson or Leonardo DiCaprio and now they're going to ruin your hopes and dreams of having Elder Scrolls 6 any time in the future. Pete Hines is the Vice President of PR/Marketing at Bethesda and he had some lovely words to say earlier this year about the upcoming sequel to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; what were those words?

"Elder Scrolls VI is happening, but not any time s**n"

The game itself has been described as "Skyrim 2", by Hines himself which leads to the thoughts of where the game will actually take place. My money is on Valenwood, since the Thalmor had a part in the war in Skyrim - but we have yet to see. The game itself will begin production as soon as the Fallout 4 DLC has stopped churning out, which should be by the end of the year - which means if they begin working on the game at the start of 2017 we may have the game itself out in 2019 or 2020 depending on game scale and if pre-production has already begun.


So after getting your hopes up I shall now provide, my open letter to the Rumours of Elder Scrolls 6.

Hello. I've heard you may be at E3 this year, we both know that's not true and I don't appreciate getting any hopes up for seeing the next instalment in this amazing franchise so please just don't rear your head on the internet again until you're ready to show yourself off. Thanks.

Where will the game be? What role will you play? Will Talos ever be a God again? Guess we're going to have to wait to find out.


Image credit: Christian Post

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