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  1. Welcome to turbo duck
  2. collapse the quote, then edit it
  3. added to Modder group, welcome to Tduck modding scene

  4. @Ryzza5 nice, thanks for promoting. Your quote still breaks the site
  5. Civ 6, just finished what remains Finch, Apex
  6. Welcome, the cat girl guy lol We will be around for many years to come PS can't wait for the new elder scroll game
  7. do you mind uploading the mod in our download section?
  8. why would someone chose to block cloudflare, it literally used everywhere
  9. now it doesn't break, or maybe it doesn't break everytime did you disable extension or tried on different browser ?
  10. Dux

    Hello mate. 
    I am not sure what is the problem but i get the following almost always:
    The thing is, i whitelisted tduck and everything but i'm still seeing this.
    I don't want to block tduck ads i am totaly ok with it showing ads, dunno if the problem on my side or maybe adblock detection is confused.

    1. Diablo


      it's probably not your fault, I am working on refine the detection, thanks for letting me know

    2. Dux


      Thanks for a fast reply. I do hope its not on my side, i am seeing ads anyway bu still get that popup. Good luck with refining.

    3. Diablo


      done refining, lemme know how it goes now

  11. for some reason your quote always breaks style, but not everyone else, wondering how you did it
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