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Status Updates posted by Diablo

  1. added to Modder group, welcome to Tduck modding scene

  2. woah, this website's resource demand has exceeded my original configuration, upgrading!

  3. full time job + operate three websites + fan pages + part time web development for clients = i think im gonna die
  4. I hate being ill.
  5. My new avatar was just a tester image but I like it so much I need to have it!!
  6. I literally just poured coffee over myself! (thought it was finished) *genius*
  7. Wow, we really did have a lot of smilies!
  8. That wasn't my fault that time. Seemed to be something to do with the 'forum' sub-domain as site and others were fine.
  9. Slightly refreshed compared to past week that's for sure! 8)
  10. If you can get enough people to enter a real life banner contest then I can make the winner(s) of that show as the banner in the sections within the 'Enough About Games' category. Will take a little bit of work to get right but I have the groundwork scattered about elsewhere on here so piecing those together to make it happen should be fairly doable.... even for me. :p
  11. 欢迎欢迎 :15:

    1. r514783



  12.      ∧__∧
       ( ´∀`)
         ( O┬O

  13. 人はなぜ、心に傷を負ってまで、幸せを手に入れようとするのでしょうか

  14. 话说我车子后胎漏气嘛,我看了一下发现上面插进一枚钉子,居然没爆胎

  15. K mate, just remember you are our goto for this. :nuts:
  16. Where you disappeared to mate? We need you around to answer people's questions. :)
  17. Dan please check the SL you know what thread mate. :D
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!!! Hope you have a mad and mental one. :gdance: :bunny:
  19. Ok so in you're unknowing opinion you say it looks good. :oook:
  20. So three students (including me) in my class has surface

    1. Necronomicon


      Ground Great Let Us Be Friends!

  21. Took me hours of head scratching, finally fixed the bug

    1. Necronomicon


      day day night night day night night

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