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  1. 20200729211421.jpg

    1. Milli


      Nice driving today! 

    2. ///Λquarious


      If only I figured out my controls earlier 🙂

  2. added to Modder group, welcome to Tduck modding scene

  3. woah, this website's resource demand has exceeded my original configuration, upgrading!

  4. full time job + operate three websites + fan pages + part time web development for clients = i think im gonna die
  5. I hate being ill.
  6. My new avatar was just a tester image but I like it so much I need to have it!!
  7. I literally just poured coffee over myself! (thought it was finished) *genius*
  8. Wow, we really did have a lot of smilies!
  9. That wasn't my fault that time. Seemed to be something to do with the 'forum' sub-domain as site and others were fine.
  10. Slightly refreshed compared to past week that's for sure! 8)
  11. If you can get enough people to enter a real life banner contest then I can make the winner(s) of that show as the banner in the sections within the 'Enough About Games' category. Will take a little bit of work to get right but I have the groundwork scattered about elsewhere on here so piecing those together to make it happen should be fairly doable.... even for me. :p

  12.      ∧__∧
       ( ´∀`)
         ( O┬O

  13. 人はなぜ、心に傷を負ってまで、幸せを手に入れようとするのでしょうか

  14. 话说我车子后胎漏气嘛,我看了一下发现上面插进一枚钉子,居然没爆胎

  15. K mate, just remember you are our goto for this. :nuts:
  16. Where you disappeared to mate? We need you around to answer people's questions. :)
  17. Dan please check the SL you know what thread mate. :D
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!!! Hope you have a mad and mental one. :gdance: :bunny:
  19. Ok so in you're unknowing opinion you say it looks good. :oook:
  20. So three students (including me) in my class has surface

    1. Necronomicon


      Ground Great Let Us Be Friends!

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