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  1. Hello mate. 
    I am not sure what is the problem but i get the following almost always:
    The thing is, i whitelisted tduck and everything but i'm still seeing this.
    I don't want to block tduck ads i am totaly ok with it showing ads, dunno if the problem on my side or maybe adblock detection is confused.

    1. Diablo/Eudemon


      it's probably not your fault, I am working on refine the detection, thanks for letting me know

    2. Dux


      Thanks for a fast reply. I do hope its not on my side, i am seeing ads anyway bu still get that popup. Good luck with refining.

    3. Diablo/Eudemon


      done refining, lemme know how it goes now

  2. for some reason your quote always breaks style, but not everyone else, wondering how you did it
  3. Welcome back and hope you can gain more good memories here
  4. here is the promised super late VIP
  5. if it's platinum related, add it to platinum wiki, not TDU
  6. Do you remember what forum these thread belong to ?
  7. the @admin bottom won't work for you I need to know what forum -> sub forum combination you're looking for for threads are that broken also thanks for helping with wiki and promoting it, as a gratitude I have given you 6 months of free VIP
  8. On the upcoming release, we will be disabling comment section on download section, as this area is not intended for providing support We currently auto generates a support thread when a file is uploaded for example: https://turboduck.net/files/file/85-test-drive-unlimited-platinum-patch-update/ but since this is auto generated users are not automatically notified on replies (this can be fix by modifying code base, tricky part is when file owner gets updated) also I notice almost all of you already have a support thread created in respecting forum and users rarely use the generated thread therefore this survey, I would like to know what you prefer
  9. Added you to modder group, welcome to turbo duck modding
  10. You can post to download and send me author name I will change it
  11. welcome I was joking with my colleague about I thought you were elon musk for a second because he also recently switched to full metal alchemist avatar
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