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  1. Eudemon's post in Every TDU2 mod i download sends me to a pop up page was marked as the answer   
    Then the 3rd party hosting site that provides the downloads already have removed it, what you clicked are ads they sell on the site which leads to malware
    you only option now is to ask the modder to re-upload the mod
  2. Eudemon's post in I need your help please was marked as the answer   
    if the cpanel has etrac-h as main domain, it won't show the site name
    I see you still have all the forum files in etrac-h.com/smf/
    here is a step by step guide
    login to cpanel file manager ( i don't remember the exact name) navigate to public_html, create a new folder in there called "forums" now go to public_html/smf/, select all files, move to public_html/forums/ go to public_html/forums/ upload the repair_settings.php file open your browser, enter etrac-h.com/forums/repair_settings.php
  3. Eudemon's post in 好吧,于是,问个问题 was marked as the answer   
    database問題,一個cache table一直在crash,原因不明,研究中
  4. Eudemon's post in About Eudemon.org (test) was marked as the answer   
  5. Eudemon's post in Need some PHP work done was marked as the answer   
    sorry, i should change my status on smf, i won't be available to offer help for a while

  6. Eudemon's post in SMF Help was marked as the answer   
    to change the default font size, in index.css

    .post {
    clear: right;
    margin-top: 0.5em;

    change to

    .post {
    clear: right;
    font-size: 16px;
    margin-top: 0.5em;

  7. Eudemon's post in Support request: Finishing an almost done SMF theme was marked as the answer   
    what i meant by the pm is you shouldn't use pm for support, unless it is related to password and stuff
    don't for get to make a backup
    go to your portamx.css

    .smalltext {
        font-size: 8pt !important;
    change 8pt to 14px;
    go to your boardindex.template.php

    <p><strong>', $txt['last_post'], '</strong>  ', $txt['by'], ' ', $board['last_post']['member']['link'] , '<br />
    ', $txt['in'], ' ', $board['last_post']['link'], '<br />
    <span class="smalltext">', $txt['on'], ' ', $board['last_post']['time'],'</span>
    change to

    <p>', $board['last_post']['member']['link'] , '
    ', $txt['in'], ' ', $board['last_post']['link'], '<br />
    <span class="smalltext">', $txt['on'], ' ', $board['last_post']['time'],'</span>
    to change the date format, it is little complex, it is not included in the template file
    it is built somewhere else, if you rly want to change it i advise you to trace $board['last_post']['time'] to see how data is fetched and built
    as for the other edits
    it could be file permission issue, i am unable to open your css files and other theme related php files
    please zip the theme files and send it to me
  8. Eudemon's post in Hi thanks for help on SMF, more help please :L was marked as the answer   
    for tweaking an existing, you will have to find a theme that's almost the same as the one you want
    for writing a brand new theme, sorry i don't take request like that, and it is not in my do-list of smf help available board
    and most importantly, i don't have the time (just got a part-time job, and i'm a college student)
  9. Eudemon's post in If your still providing services was marked as the answer   
    that is the member star
    first upload the image file to ur theme's image folder
    then go to admin panel -> members -> member groups -> click one
    on the line that says "Star image filename:" add the image name with extension
  10. Eudemon's post in Some theme edits and a portal was marked as the answer   
    let me know when u have the theme ready, can't rly do anything until u got one
  11. Eudemon's post in Questions was marked as the answer   
    install in ur root directory, and smf in a folder call forums
  12. Eudemon's post in Help ;) was marked as the answer   
    and add banner ad yourself, with a portal mod it should be easy
  13. Eudemon's post in member groups fucked up was marked as the answer   
    i thought you said the whole page messed up
    it's actually one line, in this case it should be something wrong with the table related to that line in your database
    i've logged in to your server's database and modified the code
    now should be working
  14. Eudemon's post in Favicon was marked as the answer   
    since you alrdy know photoshop, it's easy to make one
    first make a 16x16 image, save it to .ico format
    and name the file to favicon.ico
    upload it to your root directory
  15. Eudemon's post in Need help was marked as the answer   
    done, header image added
    for ur logo image u need to replace it with a png image with transparent background
  16. Eudemon's post in Help setting up a Wuick-Reply window was marked as the answer   
    to add a quick reply
    go to admin -> Themes and Layout Settings -> member option
    under that
    click Configure guest and new user options for this theme
    find the option " Use quick reply on topic display: " and select show, on by default from drop down
    some members might have their own options, to apply to all of them just click
    "Remove all members' options and use the defaults"
    and to modify buttons in subs, use this code for a new button

    'new button' => array(
    'title' => 'button name',
    'href' => 'the url of the button',
    'show' => true,
    'sub_buttons' => array(
    to disable a button, find that button and change 'show' => true, to false
  17. Eudemon's post in Setting up SMF on 000webhost was marked as the answer   
    and ur welcome
    glad I helped u :D
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