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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Small package of amendments to the TDU from 45 different types of roads! The archive contains 45 roads for the island,for the reason of saving space, I did not pack them in CommonWorld for it weighs too much ,I think most of washes to use TDUMT! Author : Eugene (JackNewl)
  2. Dragonforce! Adjust your video card set anisotropic filtering values to the maximum value! Milli! The increase in Mipmapping only affects the quality of the transmitted image, and study the textures!
  3. https://youtu.be/RSDR_m-q1qE The principleis not a problem,becausesince I'mnot controlling the carfrom a third party ,this effect isalmost invisible!ButyouhavenothingIwon't do,because to change the worldto the original ,I do not want ,becauseit is much nicer to ride onbeautiful ,maybe not sorealisticin the life ofthe town!
  4. It's not a problem !If you dothe roadwith originalmirror backing ,this problemsimply will not beso visible ,but the roadturns glossy,andbecause of this,I began to improve the roadsthat would removethe unrealistic glossy effect ! --- Post Updated --- At leisureI will tryto experiment!
  5. Wheremanyhad to travel,and so much to see,sothis is just the beginning! https://youtu.be/GfmQjxPcfug Yandex.Disk nstallation: copy in TDU2/Euro/Bnk/island/ibiza/level [ATTACH]26292[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26293[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26294[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26295[/ATTACH]
  6. I love Big Big Big Hardtop sedans!! Thank you very much!
  7. -=[(ELVIS)]=-,AudiR8V10: The problemwith the discswill be solvedjust like inTDU 1 ,that is, ifyou have 21" basebetsize is less than19 or20", here we have to lookfor work !
  8. As soon as ,can carve out time will be a huge release !Will existing roads cities ,and my free interpretation !Yes and thank you for showing interest!:D
  9. Rename the file CommonWorld.bnk> CommonWorldDiv2.bnk, In one of the video cards, I had the same problem! Now, it is not problem!
  10. To unlock all cars in salons ,you need to unzip the file DB and then edit the file Carshop and to supply values Bitfield 262139 ,but the number of machines depends on the salon )
  11. It has already happened !The rest is just a matter of time ! That crash the game ,I have everything unlocked ,and no problems Online, no !
  12. TDU UCM 2 civicmanvtec! Please forgive my ignorance ,regarding the disbelief that you managed to write all that! If you need help in this project ,feel free to count on my help and support!:)
  13. Best Tools! Djey! In the instructions you forgot to put two -- instead of one ,and from this I did not believe in this program ,but now everything is settled !Good luck and never stop !:nuts:
  14. Undoubtedly ,it is a long way ,but I believe that in such cases there should not be confusion, because it introduces many errors ,that's why when I'm working on it, I use the source of the original model game!,not mods!
  15. What to look at ?!What you showed I had like 3 years running ,but to activate and to write new files to the Map,this is not who could not do !But if you did ,why wouldn't share with all your experience ,and for example to explain many as you want to register is not written to the files in the Map ?!
  16. If you really prescribes the Map,why don't you share how you did it ,because I think you are a bit mistaken(if I am wrong , then your experience would be useful to know everyone !)With respect !:nuts:
  17. What the Fig they need ?! Of course if a person goes from 3 persons only ))Happy new year StartGT!:nuts:
  18. Free_ratio, does not change anything, and CX ratio-change coefficient of drag!
  19. TDUMT 1.13 can be downloaded from- tduaddons ! --- Post Updated --- Treck Editor , and create any of your race!
  20. Not all files otsutsvuyut, say they Cobalt wheels I already dovno registered under the particular model, as well, and Mazda, and some motorcycle wheels, however, I replaced all cars Motorcycles prescribing all wheels under them, in the end I have a lot of machines, drives, and machines can all tunengovatsya, even those that winning! If interested here Vile look, which can be useful for the development of our TDU Dolny Thank you!... Yandex.Disk
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