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  1. Life is Strange is truly a great game. But yes, watching walkthroughs pretty much spoils the whole game already, as it's based on your connection with all characters in the game. This is what makes the tissues a necessity as I can't really imagine the game being as moving when watching from the outside. Guaranteed one of the top 10 games of the decade 10/10 would recommend. It is not only interesting as you play but it gives you a lot to think about, I could even claim you would learn a lot form it too. The choices do really matter too as from this episode on I really can find back a lot of differences between my game and my friend's games. That's also why I didn't need the tissues, because I took the lame and boring options... No regrets on that though. One last recommendation, go in completely blind, try to find your way in the game alone, don't go on the internet, don't read comments on anything related to this game and don't google it.
  2. "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." ~ Shigeru Miyamoto (you know, one of the most importaint guys at Nintendo) I think the game could have been sold in november, it already has great content that far exceeds any other game on the market. (Forza and GT feel very primitive compared, Rfactor has a whole different target audience and therefor can have models more complicated then pCARS) Still, with another few months the devs will be able to do a good amount of polishing to make it a really great and flawless experience. (flawless if you can drive)
  3. They also may want to add sideways aerodynamics, because that's really important for hairy situations with LMP and some kinds of F1 car. As the wings will get useless at a big sideways angle in an f1 car i'd like to see the fin do it's work. (Believe me, i have tried. I have even tried to mod a flying car.)
  4. I'm sorry to say this, but it's really my opinion after playing the game 2 hours with a wheel. I may have been spoiled by the handling of pCARS and AC (2 games that work very differently under the hood) but that just means theCrew is just not as good as it's competitors. In terms of open world and driving it should be awesome, but the landscape just doesn't hit me as it does in other games. I have bought skyrim in the last summer sale and i have taken some moments to look at the environments on top of hills, it felt amazing. But the landscapes in theCrew just don't harvest the same effect on me. Yes, they are great places to see back in a game but it's just not good at blowing you away. The cities look real and what you can expect form the real locations, but the feel of size and stretching out just isn't there. The same with the grand canyon, it's fun to raid and drift there, but that's where it ends for me, it's not a particular spectacle to look at. The game just doesn't have anything appealing to make me feel like buying it. It's probably just me only liking new stuff, as TDU1 was the newest of the newest concept...
  5. Just to confirm, you think the FIA is mostly after the people who convert the IP from game developers to other games?
  6. It just seems scary for your lines and cables with all those stones on the road...
  7. What happened to your front bumper? Scrubbed too much aggressive cleaner on it?
  8. Well, there's 2 kinds of mods... There are the conversions of already existing beutiful car models for games that don't have them like TDU1, this is actually a thing i regret having supported a bit. And i have supported it for a long time.... The other kind are the modders who build stuff from scratch. Like the people who make the F1 and GP2 mods for Assetto Corsa, which I think is what the FIA is bitching most on too. They are great people who try their best to give an accessible racing experience to a lot of people, and they make some damn great cars and experiences. Seriously, this is the biggest lalalala move from the FIA since years...
  9. I honestly haven't felt much difference between the cars in terms of handling. As i have said before. And badly on twitter where I had to fit my opinion in 140 signs which was actually impossible. Maybe i'm just spoiled by more deep handling in sims like pCARS and Assetto Corsa, but really the way the cars handle in theCrew just feels the same to me. I have switched back and forth from hardcore to sport and back but i couldn't really feel a big difference in handling to those modes. It feels like instead of a wide variety of cars being platforms for upgrades the different racing styles have their own handling. It's logical that rally spec cars feel more the same to each other instead of the road cars, but seriously the only difference I felt between the road cars was the willingness to turn.
  10. What the... Could you tell us how it works, or does this magician never give out his secrets? Also, go Ukraine! :btup
  11. The TDU loop feels quite short, as i know all radio hot and radio star something songs by head. The theCrew loop feels equally short, i hope for the release there's a bigger song selection as there was only one song i really liked, (By the arctic monkeys, keep forgetting the title) and the most annoying and skip inducing song being by Lorde...
  12. Ryzza i'm in contact with that guy too, should have known, but he's online on strange times for me. Like 3AM... We tried to do some pvp racing with a crew of 4 but it turned out Ghost was the only one with access to those races...
  13. Ignore my vote, i voted before i realized there was already a date planned, can't be there tonight sorry.
  14. To be honest, there are no vehicle physics in this game only body roll. I feel better calling it handling... because to me there is nothing going on in the car body that determines what tire does what. To me every car drives exactly the same and just gains more grip when you increase the stats with parts. All road cars handle extremely stable and there is no natural way of getting into a slide.
  15. I removed the 30 fps cap and put a 60cap in place one session, but you are really not supposed to do that. In game events start going weird and the cutscenes don't work properly. I hate to say it but you have to put it back to 30 for a proper experience.
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