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  1. New version uploaded. :drool2: And thanks.
  2. Lotus Esprit V8 Has a lovely subtle backfire and even more subtle BOV. Includes a clean version with neither, an audible BOV version and a variation on the default. Ignition = 1.75s Download Link 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xro3m7
  3. Ten. :D you're welcome. I'm glad you like it. Rassva It would be too long a video. You'd have to drive around doing all sorts of stunts and then boil it down to a 2-3min clip. Meaning massive editing and alot of time invested. Anyway, laxative is on it's way. ...now where is Brasov?
  4. Link fixed, no idea how that happened.:confused: Thanks for the heads up and quickfix. ;)
  5. BMW E46 M3 Version 1.2 :cool: for mono ACM this is very satisfying. Grind should extend almost throughout the entire RPM range now, except the very lowest which had to be semi-faked/manipulated. Noise+distortion have been manually added to better match the noise inherent in the OnMid-source. Noise-less version included, in case anyone prefers this for low-RPM cruising and doesn't mind the obvious downside. Physics profile + old version + extra stuff included. (read the .txt) Enjoy the ride :hiya: Daniel Download Link 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tbaayr
  6. I shall duck behind this lamp... Porsche 997 GT3 RS ( Sound Mod for Test Drive Unlimited ) Version 1.2 Contents: - 2 BNK sound files. - 3 TDUPE profiles of the 2006 model, accurate specs and a real joy to drive. - Extra Backfire and other resource files. Pseudo Requirements: - TDU ModTools (for injecting the resource files, should you choose to). - TDUPE "TDU Performance Editor" (for applying the physics and setting Rev Limiter/Cam/IK) - Knowledge of how to use above tools - L337 renaming skillz and oracle-like foresight to backup crap. - A magic Map. - And last but not least, a coffee grinder capable of at least 8000rpm Sound and profile was made for the 997 GT3 RS 2006 by TOOL381 manually swapped to RUF T12. For the best experience, drive in cockpit view and roll up your windows. Disclaimer: You may edit/mod anything in here* to your heart's content. * meaning the archive file not the txt, although ...feel free :duck: go wild! Version 1.2 An attempt to solve the "dual engine" issue. Also tries (unsuccessfully) to get rid of the inherent hiss in on/off-mid. Matching Genuine Porsche offhigh including backfire variations. Built and intended for the true to life 8400rpm profile. Tested primarily on the 8400 profile in cockpit view with windows™ closed. 7600rpm sounds like it still has some 800rpm left in it. 8000rpm is ok. Using the 8400rpm profile and upping the limiter to 8500rpm, seemed to me to benefit the onhigh. But it's probably just psycho..so.. psychotic. Hoping someone enjoys it! Daniel (aka Duns Inc. aka YourFriend) V1.2 Download http://www.sendspace.com/file/m1dgyz
  7. Cockpit Immersion (or whatever). Overhaul of physics/atmospheric/misc/ambient shared sounds. A lengthy essay was originally planned, but I got overwhelmed trying to write it out. :duck: That, and I just spent 2 months testing and adjusting and re-adjusting this thing. I just want to get it off my hands now - hear what you all think. I consider it "released" because, like I said ...2 months. :hiya: That being said, I'm ready and willing to tailor to peoples request. Like a cruise-pack or different brakes or Turbos or Trannyswines. No 2 BNKs are the same volume, in fact, volumes are all over the place. Most community Mods tending towards ..really really loud. :D I can't assume that we all have the same layout of sounds either. Although seeing as we're all "here", I recon there's a fair chance that, the best of the community's work has found a nesting place in most setups and that there's hardly a vanilla engine left. So I'm hopeful that your experience will be, at least close, to my laborious testing. I tried hard to make it work without catastrophic side-effects and designed it around a mid to semi-high volume engine, not a 24dB past clipping Ferrari :lol:. Although I do like those. (the sounds, not those sissy-little-snob-vessels) :duck: (F40 and Testarossa excluded). Wow, it's half an essay already. So, basically It's an overhaul of all/most shared sounds with an emphasis on racing in driver's-seat POV. Ideally this is for HomeCinema Surround setups but quality headphones might do surprisingly well provided they can do very low frequencies. Don't know about desktop speakers though, if they can relay that enclosed cockpit sense. You can still enjoy the more detailed, hand-crafted and timed sounds and events of course. Try it out in a medium (or differing) volume car(s) on "Return to Sender" track, it offers good opportunity to stomp on the brakes, slide, skid and hit all sorts of crap. Or just drive around like a maniac, as usual. :cheeky: If you cruise alot please let me know if certain sounds/events demand a cruise-fix-addon. Give it a thorough testing for a day or two before commenting that this or that sound is too high/low/intrusive/non-happening and you hate it like the plague :stinks: .....2 months First one to yell preview gets 2 complimentary bottles of laxative. Cheers Daniel Download Link 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5av5ux Instructions. 1. Make sure you're not running low on Mocca 2. Get a magic map 3. Backup/rename crap 4. Extract/overwrite crap with new crap 5. Frantically click icons at random 6. Go get mom.
  8. VanquishHH: That depends, did you just exit a game or is that you idle temperature ? Also is it CPU or GPU ? If that's the idle temperature of you CPU, then you have a problem. If it's the GPU you should be ok. If you just exited a game, then you don't have a heat problem at all. For reference: Right now, my CPU idle is between 49°C and 57°C (man, those cores must be further apart than I thought). :D My GPU is at 77°C , since it stubbornly refuses my order to speed up the fan and just falls back to auto mode (50% fan speed) at temperature below 80°C.
  9. Treasure hunting cures ADD. Hint: This thread has seven pages, so far. On one of them - there's a working link :lol: now, go find the treasure. :cheeky:
  10. Jamirofan They should and they do. :) I've had a couple of problematic physics/cars aswell, very few though. The Mazda MX5 and the Honda S2000's - those come to mind. I'm just speculating now, but, some cars have had their dealership locations changed with this patch, this might cause some issues with cars/physics released prior to this ? Try backtracking a bit and always install the car before the corresponding physics - and don't install too many mods in one go! Do it in stages! ;) If you have one of the cars I just mentioned, you might start there. Hope this helps you solve your crash. :)
  11. Not without removing it from other cars using the same wav. But if you want to remove the gear shift sound(s) across the board, you can. The sounds are located in "..Euro\Bnk\Sound\Vehicules\common.bnk" Use the TDU Modding Tools to extract the wavs from this file. Then use a wave editor to edit the shift sounds. You can either manipulate them to make them sound like you want, or simply change them to 0.1 seconds of silence, if you prefer no shift sound at all. When you're done save the file, meaning "save" not "save as" this is the easiest way to preserve the format (ACM). Finally use the TDU Modding Tools to inject these wav files into "common.bnk" and replace the default sounds (choose "modify size" method). And make a backup of "common.bnk" before you start. ;)
  12. Thanks for improving TDU and all the work involved, it's appreciated. :dance: Here's some observations and feedback: I can confirm what others have also mentioned, regarding all cars being referred to as "unidentified car" during pursuits. Also some car brands are not registering in the "car collector achivements". Ferrari and Ford : Working Aston Martin and Lamborghini : Not Working But what prompted my feedback is that (I'm) was experiencing crashes. Specifically regarding 2 Courier missions. They occur only on the map screen when the cursor is just about to snap unto the courier mission map icon. While I were about to post this, I decided to be a bit more helpful and see if I couldn't find more or possibly all locations causing CTD. And so I found a third one. The crash again occurred on the map screen when the cursor was about to lock on to the icon. So I tried driving up to the place instead. No crash - then I tried the other 2 places and found that they were all "Vehicle Specific" courier missions. Wich would seem to indicate that all of the above are actually part of the same problem. And that's good news :lol: EDIT: (Above narrative preserved for nostalgic reasons) Finally, when I were, again, about to post this, I remembered that I had the "Porsche Mod V2" installed - and upon checking found that, my Porsche was still a Porsche not a RUF. Also the Edonis was still called "Edonis Edonis" The Porsche Mod replaces the "DB_US.bnk" file, while patch 1.68a replaces "DB.bnk" and updates "DB_US.bnk". So a heads-up to everyone who has the Porsche mod installed! Fortunately I had a backup of the DB_US.bnk wich I restored and then patched to 1.68a again. This fixed the crashes, hooray :bananajump: Strangely, my DB_US.bnk file is now 1KB smaller (649KB) than the other language database files (650KB). :confused: No crashes though. But, the aforementioned Courier missions just say "Vehicle Restrictions" and no mention of the car required. The "Vehicle Specific" Top Model Missions work and display correctly and were not a problem before either - only the "Vehicle Specific" Courier Missions. I rammed a few sunday drivers (who honestly had it coming if you ask me) and bought a new Aston Martin - to test the other above issues again - and both the "unidentified car" and "car collector achivement" issues persist. Also the Edonis is still called Edonis Edonis. Hope this is mildly helpful and a heads-up to everyone who has the Porsche Mod installed or possibly altered "DB_US.bnk" manually. Thanks again, not least for letting us tune the F40 :thumbsup: Would it be possible to pull the same trick for the Mercedes CLK DTM. :bananadance3: nudge nudge!
  13. This actually dawned on me just before I went to bed, I thought you meant "pops & click" ;) when the sample loops at high/max rpm. If it has one redeeming quality it must be this, cause I was driving for 5mins or more at max speed and it was absolutely smooth, so this was what I was referring to. :) And yes the pitch transitions aren't that "natural" but that could be said for about 50-70% of all the sounds I've tried and used. Honestly I didn't give this much priority and bear in mind that, the onhigh loop has been transposed 12 octaves, not exactly natural either. :D Amazingly, I still really like it, despite it all. But I'll try to find the one you mentioned and look forward to your true to life version. ;) I wanted to try out your new Viper, but I just can't seem to get any enjoyment out of driving the Vipers - something about the Handling - requires wheel and pedals I think. :) Well, I'm gonna try it anyhow, pedestrians ...run for it. Edit: While searching for some genuine GT3 samples I found this entertaining clip. :monkeydance:
  14. No need to be sorry, if you don't like it you don't like it. For me ignorance must be bliss - I don't have a porsche, so. :) Although I somewhat knew it didn't sound like one, anyway. Sample quality: poor perhaps - distorted certainly, but the level has been set rather high (decibel wise) and I'm referring to mods in general, wich means that, sounds coming after them, must, of necessity, match that level, resulting in a lot of clipping. The first cleaner version, before amplification, had a lot less clipping. The transitions though are smooth absolutely smooth - I don't know what you're hearing, but it isn't the transitions - must be either clipping or turbo backfire. I guess it's a matter of preference, both how much one insists that the sound be authentic and if it sounds clean or dirty. Personally, I prefer a dirty engine sound rather than digital CD quality, but maybe it does get tired after a while, we'll see in a few days. So you're right about most points, except the transitions and while you say distorted I say dirty. Tanks Skepsis and I believe I made a promise to ....brace yourself - 3 days of chilibeans coming through. :nanananana: Edit: BTW. Wich RGT sound do you prefer, do you have a link, I'd like to try it. ;)
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