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  1. Hello everyone What will happen if I replace traffic car in TDU ( for example jeep) putting ( for example Audi A6) Thanks in advance
  2. Jabi

    VW Passat

    hello everyone Somebody asked me to make this car but unfortunetly I can't do this and I haven't got any experience. In my opinion the best modder is Grin. I think if he has some time he could do this becouse this car is awesome. I think that Wagon is better than others If somebody would like to do this i can give you some additional information 1 Best car to replace is Audi A6 4.2 (becouse of size ) 2 It should be VW Passat R32 Wagon (becouse of max speed acceleration etc ) 3 I think that interior should be made even better then exterior. If you like to have m
  3. Yes I think it will be great if somebody make this car. I wish there were more family cars in TDU!!
  4. Jabi

    BMW M5 e39

    Nice car, i wonder to have it in Tdu
  5. Jabi

    VW Passat

    I always love family cars. I think that there are some people who like driving that cars in TDU. My favourite car is VW Passat. I think that it is a good idea to put this car into TDU. I saw models which was made by Grin. If you like this car please could you make it? I show you a picture of this car http://www.v10.pl/archiwum/galeria/glowna/vw_passat_07/vw_passat_01.jpg http://carscarscars.blogs.com/photos/uncategorized/2006_vw_passat_interior.jpg I exam a lot of cars and finnaly i think that you can replace Audi A6. See you soon
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