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  1. Damn, I hate those drunk laggy head movements, precisely that crap ruined the cockpit view for me in the first game!(so I had to play from the bonnet view) I seriously hope that can be turned off!
  2. http://jalopnik.com/5737054/test-drive-unlimited-2-customize-people-not-cars Comments are telling what people think of this aspect of the game...
  3. Hey Skepsis, you should make new sounds, cuz there are no sound modders like you :D G'day man
  4. I know I'm double posting, but seriously, can those guys involved in tuning the HC mode at least keep us posted on how it's going? In my view, that's the core of the game, if handling/physics suck, I won't play the game, simple as that. It's not enough to have some desirable cars just visually, and the sims aspect is definitely not doing anything for me. If you can't mention specifics, then reveal general progress or something...anything...
  5. Me likey new shiney cars!:D Any news on the HC handling front? o.O
  6. Yeah, I remember seeing their beta impressions on a french forum before... Is there such a topic on HC mode also and does anybody have a link perhaps?:D
  7. Amm...so, any news from the HC testing team? How's it shaping? Is it any good so far? Give us something...pretty please...
  8. Enthusia is definitely one of the games with exemplary handling out there, even though it's pretty old now.:agreed:
  9. haha As though I'm a celebrity or something, who cares?:lol:;) Anyways, I was hoping for something like this, because in my mind, I love cars, how they handle, how they sound, how they make you feel, so IMO the most important and fundamental part of any driving game should be the feel of the car, and that means handling(and force feedback through the steering wheel), realistic sound(instantly exciting you and reminding you what is it that you're driving) and of course, good graphical representation of the car and surroundings(including proper cockpit view and head movements for further immersion). So far, I think the graphics are good enough(although I'm not sure about the cockpit view feel, because I haven't tried it yet, but I remeber from the first game, the view was too narrow(FOV) and movements were lagging constantly as though you're drunk in game or something, so I ended up always using the bonnet view sadly), the sound(from youtube beta videos) seems to be marginally better than the first game(but I have to try it for myself, so I'll reserve judgment, although I noticed sound loops and all the samples weren't stellar in quality, but we'll see), and that leaves the handling, which(again, judging by those videos) seems pretty arcadey and unrealistic, much like the normal mode from the first game.(super cornering and braking powers, which are maybe fine to some casual gamer for 5min, but it kills the fun and challenge of actually mastering every car and its distinctive handling for everyone else, actually interested in cars and driving) So basically, inclusion of the HC mode(FROM THE START, NOT AS SOME STUPID BONUS AT THE END OF THE GAME WITH NO ABILITY TO TAKE CHALLENGES AND RACES AND PROGRESS THROUGH THE GAME FROM START TO THE END) is a great thing, because they don't have to choose anymore to have some arcade/sim mix which no one is truly happy with, but have a CHOICE at the BEGINNING, what kind of game do you want to play, arcade/normal mode for the casual types more interested in social aspects and goofing around and HC mode for everyone else who actually appreciates all these cars and everything that goes with them, and for whom, all these extra stuff thrown in the game is just that, extra. /rant mode off :D
  10. Woooot! :excited: Wooot! :thumbsup: Yes, I'm a bit excited,:D because I wasn't convinced by what I saw so far in the handling department(most important part, after all, this is a driving game!).
  11. I'm glad they're doing both! tropical paradise is nice, but it get's samey after awhile, on the other hand, there's Ibiza with its Mediterranean coastline, pine forests, rocky mountains and even some desert like parts! It's gonna be an awesome combination!:D
  12. Pretty sweet stuff! Can't wait for the game!:D Massive respect to Eden games on their humane approach and great relationship and feedback with the fans!!!:thumbsup: ...unlike some developers khm*PD*khm... p.s. In their effort to satisfy every type of gamer, I just hope they didn't forget about sim fans(who always played the first one in HC mode;)), so we'll also have fun in TDU2 with our steering wheels and with no assists again!:D:cool:
  13. Nice pics! It'd be even more awesome if they had two seat+s.wheel setups for you guys, so you can really gauge how good the handling/physics are and race a bit against each other!;) eh... p.s. have you recorded any video with the camera, or just took pics??:D
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