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  1. Thanks for sharing this and also for the CSW V1 support file. The link to the batch file is not working anymore And i need a modification for my Fanatec CSW V2 Any chance you can help with that? Thanks :D
  2. Yes, i know that file, as Xarlith made it for me to make my Fanatec CSW V1 work in TDU2 :D But i have upgraded to the V2 now. And there are more new wheels on the market from Fanatec, Logitec and Thrustmaster.
  3. Has anyone made support for new steering wheels, like the Fanatec V2 wheel hub yet?
  4. last month i went on a mission to get the World Boss title in The Crew. As we picked the Snakes faction in the TDUDT monthly poll, that was the target faction. The monthly Poll is now obsolete as it does not pay off to choose a different Faction than the biggest one. So as long as ivory does not make it more interesting or rewarding to switch factions, i stay with the Wolves for now. I wrote a short article about the run for Boss and also the 36.000 daily achievement i did in just one day, playing 12 hours on last Sunday, to become the Wolves Boss (Howles) :nuts: TDU Drive Time V
  5. There are a couple of other options as well. Like re-do the Cups. Originally there was a reset function but that was disabled later. Any option to gain extra cash by driving is cool. Too bad the auction hall never made it. I made some nice cash in TDU1 with it.
  6. With the TDU2-UP rewards for individual races have been beefed up, including a race around Oahu for 1Million and a race around Ibiza for 750.000. Best way to get some extra cash and doing it by driving, as it should be. Maybe FRIM can be increased. I always wanted an extra level L3 @ 25.000 and a 100.000 for each 1000 miles driven.
  7. Maybe Diablo can add an Uber Modder Badge. For those that made over 100 excellent car mods* for the TDU2-UP :nuts: :thumbsup: PS *Or buy 100 bottles of good single malt for the Tduck Staff ;)
  8. :nuts::eek2::lol: Haha, nice one. I didn't do much cruising this time. Only on Saturday before closing time with the Hot Rods. I spent the whole Friday morning knocking down the V2 in the "Make a Ghost" mission. Did that around 100x to grind money for the Charger R/T. With the perk system off course. Still way too much time to get that car. But a nice drive anyway. :D I do hope they spend the 2 months well to fix most nasty bugs and optimize connectivity some more.
  9. There will be a Beta for consoles in September. PC players will have to wait until the release 11 November. We are currently working on an experimental treatment for withdrawal symptoms. If you want to be a test subject to try the new Beta blockers, contact your local Pharmacist and sign the 1500 page EULA. :D
  10. I need 60FPS. Game runs much smoother than at 30. The latest optimizations (with build 386040) have made the game playable at Ultra settings on missions that i could not do before. Like the take down mission with Ryzza, where i could only give 70% throttle due to FPS drops.:eek2: That one runs smooth now, so does the Canyon mission near Las Vegas :D The game feels more responsive at 60FPS. The statement of the UbiSoft official confirms earlier statements from the Ivory Devs. Back to the game, grinding money for that Dodge Charger (Old School, 300K bucks :rolleyes:)
  11. I hope StarGT will be back soon®, but with normal direct download links. And no more Russian post order brides. :nuts: A lot of cool stuff coming up for TDU2-UP V05. :D
  12. This is because they are still working on licensing deals, probably even until after the release. The cars i have seen so far are very interesting and the amount of tuning options makes it even more special. I don't need 200+ cars i will never drive. I rather have 50 that are well developed and cool. The full car list should be published soon® however. I agree that once you start selling a product, customers should know about the content. :D
  13. Unpack the game in a different folder than the default installation map. Call it TDU2UP or something like that. That way there is no interference with other game files. Apply the patch on the unpacked folder. And use the UniLauncher as stated above. :cool:
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