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  1. relates to Atari , previous TDU versions and a Community Manager they had that has a bad record with games and communities. we'll leave it at that.
  2. i swear, if i see Mattlab in their chat..... thank God Irata is NOT involved any more.
  3. well well well, the impossible happened. another TDU. to be honest, i hated the Solar Crown BS in TDU2. did it for the $$$$. and of course to find out what Miami was up too today. or to check in on the Wilder Brothers. its on Steam, which is good. i had heard it would be Epic exclusive https://store.steampowered.com/app/1249970/Test_Drive_Unlimited_Solar_Crown/ y'all may like this
  4. oh yeah, the Good Ol' Days of cruising the original O'ahu map. even saw some familiar names (Dave 500c, Pissed Hornet) just cannot get the game to recognize my g27 gas pedal, have to map the gas to my clutch pedal.....but that's no big deal. Thanks for this, Speeder and helpers.
  5. well i'll be darned, never thought this would happen. also cannot believe i still have my copy of TDU1, may have to stream this if it plays nicely with OBS hmmm............"A username and password are being requested by http://y0b.net. The site says: "private" " so how do we download the MP mod? got the G-27 mod no problem 2nd edit: AAANNNNDDDD, today it downloads just fine. weird.
  6. what this is, is a hardcore zombie survival game with no way to win. you will die, there will be blood, and the zombies will just keep coming. based in real life Knox County, Tennessee, the game starts off by dumping you inside a random house with the clothes on your back. you need to search and scavenge for weapons, food, bags to haul stuff, and most importantly a safe house that you can build into a fortress, given time and assuming you find the tools you will need. currently, the game is technically still pre Beta. new builds are coming on a regular basis, updated thru Steam which is where you would buy it. has an active community, mods are encouraged (including whole new maps) and the Devs regularly post in the forums, asking questions and responding to questions. oh yeah, did i mention it is also Multi Player? yep, all you maniacs in here could form an official Turboduck server and see how well you work together (PVE), or if you choose to disable the safety feature and shoot, stab or beat to death a fellow member with a bat, axe, or crowbar (PVP) this is the current map Project Zomboid Map Project and if you look to the left of the white box you will see Dreadwood and Bedford Falls, mod maps. plans are in place for Louisville and Fort Knox to be added to the main map, as well as fleshing it out. The Indie Stone Forums
  7. holy bleep, this looks great. cant wait to find out more about the car list, and the customization options.
  8. seems like you have quite a bit of work to do, thanks for doing this. MadMan already mentioned some of the things i've noticed need fixing.
  9. Free Roam video, released yesterday. apparently the game has been released as well not the most impressive game, but for 5 dollars it could be a decent time killer
  10. checking their youtube page, it says that video is about 6 weeks old. so it may be a bit better come release time.
  11. surprised noone has mentioned this yet. the graphics on the teaser video are a bit cheesy, and the detail is not that great. but........it's a $5.00 game due in mid-April oh yeah, it has free roam too. http://www.oceancitygame.com/ Ocean City Racing is an open world driving game powered by Unreal Engine 3. OCR features the biggest, most detailed and alive open world city , advanced driving physics and highest quality visuals ever seen in a low price indie driving game. Featuring a free roam , time-trial and a race mode on a massive environment , Ocean City Racing offers hours of fun for just $5. KEY FEATURES • Unreal Engine 3: Powered by the industry leading game engine Unreal Engine 3 , Ocean City Racing offers a massive open world city with a traffic and a pedestrian system , a day & night cycle, dynamic, real-time lighting and shadows, also different weather conditions such as rain,fog and sun. • Advanced Driving Physics: Ocean City features the most advanced driving physics seen in a indie racing game. • Open World City and Environment: Apart from the city , Ocean City Racing also features an island which is connected to the city with a bridge and a highway , a tunnel that goes under the Ocean City mountains through another town and an subway system under the city which provides a huge area for the players to discover. • Free Roam Mode: In the ‘Free Roam’ mode players can cruise around the city either with the vehicles that are scattared around the map , or they can explore the environment by exiting the car with a first person view. Free Roam mode has a lot of secrets to find. You can find and drive a hidden kart and even drive a Helicopter found in on of the rooftops and cruise around the city. • Time Trial Mode: In the time trial mode players have the ability to choose one of the many tracks available and try to achieve the fastest time by going through the checkpoint flares and reach the car event location. • Race Mode with Opponent AI: A race mode with opponent AI is being worked on right now, it will be showcased when it gets to the desired quality. • Low Price – High Value: Ocean City Racing offers an AAA game quality open world environment , AAA game quality graphics and advanced driving physics for just $5. • Vehicles: Features over 20 highly detailed vehicles to drive. Ranging from sports cars , muscle cars , super cars , off road vehicles. Even a helicopter and a quad bike can be driven. • Progression : Ocean City Racing allows players to progress through time trials and circuit races and allow them to unlock new cars and events on the way. • Soundtrack: Features songs of Christopher Amott from his 'Impulses' and 'Follow Your Heart' albums , as well as other instrumental and orchestral songs that fit the atmosphere of the game.
  12. found a use for my wheel again......in Farming Simulator 2013 seriously.
  13. so has there been any further news, leaks or hints about this? just cant wait for E3 to see what they may have to say.
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