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  1. ... and both are poor off-road vehicles. Those are city SUVs. Some girl at my high school has a Q7 and I've taken a ride in it and it's not meant for that type of terrain, I can tell you that. We need pickups, Jeeps.
  2. I'm really hoping to see something other than the Q7 to take offroad. I love the OP's list, seems perfect.
  3. I love that they put offroading in the game... I love it A LOT. But we need stuff like this... ... instead of a Q7. So far we've only confirmed one SUV. No pickups? No Jeeps? Seems kind of lame. At least an SUV from an American manufacturer would be nice. Mud would be awesome!:thumbsup:
  4. Lol yeah my current rig is decent but my HDD is only 120GB lol. If I get the new rig I'm planning I'm getting a 1TB drive.
  5. Very much like! Though I don't have TDU installed right now until I get another HDD because I'm out of space on my current one. I'm planning on building a new rig soon so I'll plenty of space and this will be my first download :)
  6. Well, cockpit view would be awesome, but not necessary. Thanks for the other links though.
  7. I really hope this game is released with off-roading and some proper off-road vehicles. That would sell this game for me.
  8. If any modder could make a full-sized pickup, that would be badass. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants one. Preferably something like this:
  9. hi what name is she in you'r avatar...?:)
  10. Great news Frank. Thank you for the update! I am going to start reading some texture and mapping tutorials so I am ready when you pass the project along :)
  11. German cars for sure. BMW, Mercedes, Porsche. 'Nuff said.
  12. Very good, very good! Nice to see some luxury cars coming to TDU :)!
  13. And now we just need a "VRAlexander CGT Sound Mod" and we are set :D Thanks for the share man, they look great.
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