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  1. Bump again..Here's the photoset :) Enjoy. GT-86-YO @ Silverwater Park Olympic Park - a set on Flickr
  2. Bump. Sneak peek from today with a friends GT86.
  3. Massive bump. Alot of things have changed through the year, I've had a few photoshoots, I'm moving out of state next week..I've learned alot with photography but still have a long way to go. EDIT: I fixed it. Here's all the recent albums (not in order): End of Month meet @ Harrys Cafe De Wheels: End of Month meet @ Harrys Cafe De Wheels - a set on Flickr '99 Corolla: '99 Corolla @ Plaza - a set on Flickr LZY-200 (S15 Silvia): LZY-200 @ Regatta Centre - a set on Flickr LZY-200 - a set on Flickr My first try at Light Painting: Light Painting - first try - a set on Flickr My cousin and Obie (her horse): Obie and Ashleigh - a set on Flickr MX-5 Trio @ Hawkesbury Lookout: MX-5 Trio @ Hawkesbury Lookout - a set on Flickr '87 Porsche 944: 1987 Porsche 944 - a set on Flickr DownshiftAUS meet: DownshiftAUS March 15th - a set on Flickr Jamberoo Pub Run w\ MX-5: Jamberoo Pub Run - MX-5 Club of NSW - a set on Flickr FPV\Ford meetup: Ford\FPV meetup @ Warwick Farm Station - a set on Flickr MX-5 Run @ Cordeaux Dam: MX-5 Club - Cordeaux Dam Run - a set on Flickr MX-5 Club Xmas meet: MX-5 Club Xmas meet - a set on Flickr
  4. If my life had a theme song, this would be it. EDIT: I'm done trying to figure out this video showing crap.. ._. EDIT2: Thanks TDUF500 and Ryzza :)
  5. Bump! I've taken some time off here and another forum to sort stuff out, so I'm here with new content :) an MX-5 Club Run is coming up soon too and I'll definitely be there and it'll be during the late afternoon all the way through the night so I need some tips on what camera settings I should put my camera on. Flickr: BioHazard7911's Photostream Anyways, I made up a new watermark. What do you guys think? :) *original size is on flickr*
  6. 2013 Nissan GT-R :) And..well these; WTAC 2013 Edits - a set on Flickr
  7. I love the 993!! Thank you so much for doing this brother! < 3
  8. The genius behind the camera~
  9. What would be the best settings for this? It works great but I'd really like an awesome setup for it. Cheers :)
  10. I must have those cars. Where did you download them?? EDIT: Nvm, I'll be keeping an eye on a release though..!
  11. It's so bad on PC that people are making Let's NOT Play NFS: Rivals on youtube. /thread Lol. Nice edit.
  12. Bump. There's alot more, for those who missed WTAC 2013, check my shots out and lemme know what you think! Cheers!
  13. Bump. I woke up one morning at 6am to catch a sunrise, used Koko as my model once again, and I did my very first "old" photo edit with the red MX-5 and white MX-5.. Please let me know if they're any good guys!! It'd be appreciated :) Flickr: BioHazard7911's Photostream
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