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  1. Lol wow, i know he is there, but i said that for slowman.
  2. Merci .. Thanks So you can't find the sound on tdu central ?
  3. Nor = not i guess ? Sorry im not english and i didn't understand :cry:
  4. hey New onhigh, but always the clac on the onmid :( Sorry can't make a videos for the moment, xfire refuse record sound :ill: Ty
  5. Hey, for your first sound it's very good, i like :)
  6. Hey Good job, awesome sound, i like the start up :thumbsup:
  7. Im sure there is some background sound. Uhm do you have xfire or skype or msn ?
  8. "oh this is bad this is good the sound isnt linear...." You speak of my comments ? Im modder too so i know of what i speak
  9. I like the turbo and the dump valve, nice done, downloading :thumbsup:
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