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  1. sorry to PM you Nobby, can you help me ? i want to download your template from tdumods.com but i can't register there, always wrong for answering antispam question, thank you
  2. So what was the problem.. just in case someone else has a similar issue..
  3. If you have found some (even just 1) of the new cars then the patch has worked 100% Not all cars are in the same place they used to be. Some were moved to other dealers. some where available in 2 dealerships before, like Italian north and Italian south. but now some are only available in Italian north. Make sure you look in ALL car dealerships (and make you you have discovered ALL car dealerships as well) if you haven't found all of the dealerships then some of your missing cars MIGHT be there.
  4. wasn't the E30 already made, in fact i think it was one of the first ever tdu2 mods available. Actually there are at least 5 different M3 E30 mods floating around the interwebs to my knowledge. M3 E30 M3 E30 Sport evolution and 3 different variants of the M3 E30 group A EDIT: i thought i remembered seeing the standard M3 E30.. and i just remembered where.. One of the admins of our site (tdu2mods) posted a video in 2011 showing off some of the early car mods. the M3 E30 was the first car you can see in the video :)
  5. Just to confirm... It is 100% possible to get all Club cars in your garage, for off line AND online. WITHOUT the game crashing. I already have them all parked in my garage, i have had them for ages..
  6. shouldnt be hard to fix. just flip the the uv map for those polygons (not flip the actual polygons) and it will set that logo facing the right direction
  7. Possibly the most childish comment i have heard in ages... Thats my opinion.. @tduchicken. very nice looking mod. keep up the great work
  8. theres a panamera in forza which means all the correct parts and textures are gonna be available..
  9. There is no way to get any of the DLC cars for free. Even by hacking/cheating if you didnt get your tokens then you should contact Atari customer support, with proof of purchase, such as the paypal receipt or Credit card receipt , then they can look into the matter. I got coins just fine, it used paypal and it took the money and gave me the token.
  10. Yes you did do something wrong. You should NOT be copying anything named _enc or _dec to your main game folder. those names mean nothing to TDU so it wont even look at them. the file name MUST be exactly the same as the original file Just copy the .cpr file somewhere else (other than your main game folder) Decrypt the file, make changes using notepad++ save the file then re-encrpyt the file again. Make sure its name is exactly the same as the original one and move it to your main game folder. Remember to make a backup of your orignal, because you WILL be over writing the file and if you screw it up you wont be able to go back
  11. couldnt agree more Cap.. And thanks to whoever cleaned the thread of all that unneeded rubbish
  12. Im exactly the same as donnie... While yes there are other games available in germany (and in england). There are no other games like THIS available ANYWHERE.. There is no other game out that lets you drive on such a large scale map (yes truck simulator covers all of europe, but it doesnt have every road that is in the real world, in the game) This is probably the most complex/ accurate map of anywhere ive seen in any game. This is as close as someone can get to cruising in a car for 150 miles, who doesnt own a car/ doesnt have a license.. And you can do it with friends too. I know plenty of car guys who will go out several nights a week with their car pals and cruise around for hours, just enjoying driving, i also know waaay too many people that put in way more hours into face book than Donnie or i put into playing tdu2. Now facebook... thats an obsession for thousands of people.. All donnie and i are doing is spending a few hours a night playing a game where we are cruising with friends because that isnt possible in the real world for us. There is nothing i like better than on a sunday, after my big roast dinner, to sit back and cruise for about 3-4 hours. I dont even pick fast cars, i will usually go for one of the muscle cars, or one of the other lower end cars (max speed 150 mph-ish ) and just enjoy driving, listening to my tunes... i have no idea how many miles ive clocked up but i know its a lot.. Also bare in mind donnies display is Km so it will look a LOT higher than yours or mine which is probably in miles. To be honest i couldn't even imagine playing tdu for anything less than 1h :30 in a single session... It would feel like i'd just loaded the game. Even just an hour and a half 4 times a week, driving (not just sitting about in the cars) you can very quickly rack up the miles, but if you do like donnie and i do and create/take part in Very long races at the CrC, you will clock up the miles even faster. The "big island tour" we race quite often is 160 miles approx, that is why donnie has such a high milage..... erm..... kilometer-age.. For us the fun factor of TDU2 hasnt really worn off , we still enjoy it as much as we did when it first came out.. probably more so now, as we have all the extra content for it..
  13. If it is part of the missing car list, then it MAY be included at some point. If it was never part of the missing car list then it will probably never get added. The UP is only really interested in finishing the car list that atari originally planned for, not "lets just add this car because it was cool"
  14. The Up team are mostly concerned with adding the "missing" cars into the game.. Those are cars that were assigned an ID number, but were never actually finished, or even started in most cases. They are not really concerned with adding completely new cars that are not in the list, or going backwards and improving existing models. The only time they really go back and edit an existing model , is if there is an obvious problem, like with certain cars having holes in them.
  15. oh sorry it seems some people have missunderstood, i thought it would have been taken as understood as all this is getting said in the TDU2 mod shop. This mod is intended for TDU2 only. TDU1 will not be able to handle this car at all. I am fully aware of the size/ data restrictions on TDU1 mods..
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