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  1. Now it says File Not Found when you go to the speedyshare link. Same thing for the other 3 cars you put up today.
  2. Download requires registration, IIRC links like that are not allowed here.
  3. Someone FINALLY did the Ultima GTR, Miha2795 did it, if you know who he is you know where to find the mod.
  4. Is anybody ever going to do this car??? One of the fastest cars in the world, it's in Forza 4 so the model is out there somewhere, why hasn't it been done yet, why is it getting ignored by every single modder???
  5. One of my old bosses used to have the American version of this car, the Conquest TSI Turbo in blood red. He used to stand there looking out the window just staring at it....until the turbo ate itself inside of 5000 miles....
  6. DL link no worky, says Invalid or Delete file. Probably because the older versions were done with lower quality models by converters who didn't really know what they were doing and/or refused to fix any bugs that might have been found.
  7. East bound and down, loaded up and truckin', we gonna do what they say can't be done. Now to find the right NASCAR-ish sound to match the movie car.....
  8. You can change the shifting from automatic to manual yourself both in TDUMT and in TDUPE.
  9. There's been quite a few pickups and SUV's done over the years, the most recent before this Raptor was the 1966 Chevy C10 Custom.
  10. Set the seat height to the middle, because there aren't too many cameras that go as far back as the F250 camera, so no other camera will be centered. I always made my cameras for both slider options to be in the middle.
  11. They were fast for their day, but that's only because everything else from that time was pathetically dumbed down from the factory, even the Pontiac Fiero was considered a "fast sports car" to most people back then....
  12. miha2795 recently released a 1988 M5 E28 on his site, but the link doesn't work to download it, it keeps popping up a 404 error like many of his other recent releases.
  13. Is there a '67 Plymouth GTX variant of this in Forza, or is it just the Coronet?
  14. I think the TC needs to do some actual research on fastest car world records, theoretical top speeds are NOT world records. The fastest piston-engined wheel-driven car is just over 415mph, it's a streamliner at the Bonneville Salt flats. The fastest jet car is over 760mph now, Mach 1 on the ground.
  15. The height of the steering wheel is controlled by the cockpit camera, some of them have higher wheel settings than others. A proper setting will give you good wheel height as well as keeping the wheel perfectly centered in the middle of the screen.
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