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  1. I like using the same car whenever I cruise in TDU2, so I wanted to make sure the odometer keeps working. I just noticed today that it's frozen as 12,074.4 miles... I can switch to another vehicle and the odometer works, but not with this high-mileage car. Any ideas on how to resolve this (if any)? Update: As soon as I hit 200MPH, the odometer starts working, or when I'm flying in the air and have the accelerator open...
  2. Went to take a screenshot of a Just Cause 4 tornado, only to also capture an airplane flying right into it:
  3. Some random TDU1 and TDU2 screenshots from today. Was messing around with the teleport and flight mods in TDU2 while TDU1 was just freeroam. Was happy to see over 150 people still playing.
  4. What's the correct way of getting a G27 to work correctly? I put the DLL in the game's root directory and launched the game. When setting controls (pedals, for example), it acts as though I'm pressing multiple keys simultaneously although if I don't press all the way, it will work correctly.
  5. Finally hit 12,000 miles on this one car...
  6. Source: Test Drive Unlimited 2 :: Online Services Shutting Down Soon
  7. Then it might be on your end. In any case, start a new thread .
  8. Basically, at a solid 60FPS, the game never appears completely smooth. Visually, it looks more like a 30FPS game. I've tried changing a number of things - vsync, motion blur, post FX, GPU power settings, max rendered frames, etc. Nothing seems to help, and it's been like this since the game was released several years ago across multiple hardware configurations. My latest test was to do a 60FPS screen recording with FRAPS and go frame-by-frame to see if anything's out of the ordinary. For this test, my car was going a solid 68MPH. Yet, objects move ahead more in every other frame. Basically, if you look at a lamp pole up ahead, one frame it appears as if it moved closer by 5 feet while the next frame 2 feet, then 5 feet, then 2 feet, etc. Does anyone else notice anything similar, and is there any sort of secret hack to fix it? I never found anything so I assume not.
  9. Ferris wheel shot: Forza Other two: whatever the second game is
  10. Can it be a rule to mention what game the screenshots came from?
  11. Have any photos of where you ride? It probably pales in comparison to Texas, but am curious. - Instagram - Instagram - Instagram - Instagram
  12. Do you have access to multiple internet connections to test with? It could very well be at the ISP level.
  13. Getting my NASCAR on again.
  14. The DLL located at http://tiny.cc/tduppg27 extracts just fine. Make sure any anti-virus isn't preventing it from being successfully extracted.
  15. These are basic troubleshooting steps, but are you (1) running an authentic (non-cracked) version of the game and (2) running TestDriveUnlimited.exe as an administrator? Neither should absolutely be required, but this is all unofficial so anything can happen.
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