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    tdu/cs 1.6/ 3d autosimulation
  1. do I can to set this car without the presence of megapak? * megapak for me was, but in one day simply left off to work *
  2. dont work, but i read "readme" and did everything as it is written there i have this problem
  3. Winrar a dung is rubbish. use 7zip Mod Edit: Again... Please do not swear. If you continue to swear, further action will be taken. Ok. I a little on off-top and will leave off =)
  4. here it is not necessary to invent use 7zip 9, noob
  5. USSR is a soviet union, why the English flag costs for me, I do not know. By the way I write in English through an auto translator, on it not which things can be not faithful. Would write on Russian, in the native language, but some pindosy, not able to translate and start making from a world site cleanly English.. I have left to drink vodka from matreshka! with the bear, in a cap to a cap with ear-flaps under a balalaika! Shooting enemies of the people from AK47! Mod Edit: Please do not swear or go off topic. Thanks.
  6. viruses are not present, where you found troyan - does not know. to me pokh, does not want - not rock. to tool831, not load me, man
  7. for me disks cost from your model, wrote automatically on it.
  8. диски не идут в комплекте, я просто установил их с модели Тула, они мне больше нравятся ;) (england) disks do not go in a complete set, I simply set them from a Tооl`s model, they anymore like me
  9. from beginning it is necessary to enter numbers shown on a picture, then to press to "скачать", will throw you on other page, later to take off a mark with to "установить Яндекс-бар" and press on reference, that is a little higher
  10. I am not the creator! Ford Mustang Shelby [No.1] Vehicle replaced: Saleen S281 3 tun Converted by: FenixZ(tdu-world.com) Credits: 3D Model, Wheels & Interior - NFS SHiFT WARNING!!!!!! Trojan reported by some members, download at your own risk! !!Please make sure to backup your original files before installing this mod and read the included README file if there is one!! http://narod.ru/disk/14810956000/SHELBY.7z.html Terms of use: ------------- - The models, skins and other files are for private use only - Commercial use of th
  11. I use middle graphic arts, for me also it is a problem. True on other your models of it it was not :rolleyes:
  12. перезалей ссылка не рабочая... Link not working
  13. camera will not succeed to be moved not right side...
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