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  1. New release date? - 2011-01-28 source: GAME.co.uk
  2. I think I found new info: "There is a number of events in the game that are coop and team-based, letting you compare scores between teams of friends, not just individuals. One such event was called Follow the Leader. Here, we started off without a path marker, as only our partner could see where the next checkpoint was. We had to follow, but once we reached the race checkpoint, our partner’s map was cleared, and now we could see the next destination. This type of coop racing seems like a fresh idea in a tired genre, and things will get really interesting when 8 players are involved, and the next checkpoint keeps cycling between the players’ maps." Source: http://www.newgamenetwork.com/article/275/tdu-2-preview-e3-2010/
  3. Great trailer again. A can't wait to play with this game. I created a bit comparison: TDU1 vs. TDU2
  4. Last week the CV of Guillaume Le Bris stated that he was a level designer for Test Drive High Life. Our first thought, was that High Life was a new name for Test Drive Unlimited 2, which was confirmed to be in development a couple of years ago. However, we've been in contact with the level designer and he has revealed that High Life was just used internally at Eden Games, and that he didn't know what the final name would be. The CV also revealed the game will be making it's way to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. So, we should see and hear a little more on the project sometime in 2010. As ever, we'll bring you the latest updates on the game. Source: connectedconsoles.com
  5. Today I found some new TDU info in a Hungarian online gamer website. I hope you can understand my english, and this info new. They write: "Eden Games already working on Test Drive Unlimited 2 and another new TD game. This game chapter name: High Life. They found this information in Guillaume Le Bris's, game designer cv, who working for Eden Games from 2006 and now making levels for Test Drive High Life. Its probably will be a new game, not the Unlimited 2. Source (hungarian) : Gamekapocs.hu
  6. Thanks Diablo. I saved Marina Arnaudova 3D Artists TDU2 images. LINK: http://kephost.com/images/588_TDUBIG.jpg
  7. I found a secret island in Test Drive Unlimited. This unfinished island may actually be an island in Test Drive Unlimited 2. Here is the bookmark co-ordinates to this secret island: "Northern Secret Island" 2830 9122.41 0.65 9847.77 0.005 -0.003 -1.000 427894451 And finally i made a video about this unfinished island:
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