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  1. Good to see you're still making mods :thumbsup:
  2. Love it as always! Can't wait for a VW Scirocco III mod, I know there is a mod of it but I can't find that one. So I hope you can make one. :drool:
  3. Indeed, pretty good. I wonder if there are more usefull tools like this.
  4. Oh, long time ago I've been here. Are there any plans for a possible next patch?
  5. Added the map to no scan-zone, the .exe is not dissapearing but when I click to run ( with admin ) it says; Cannot acces the specified device, path or file. you may have not the appropiate permissions to acces the item. :wtf: --- Post Updated --- Hah, nvm its working guys! Big thumbs up for you all! :ty::thumbsup:
  6. When I add the .exe to the folder, it dissapears after 2, 3 seconds O.o. Never seen such a strange behaviour with this.
  7. I get; This item is no longer located in C:\User\me\AppData\Local\Temp\rar$blablabla\tdu2 cam1.2 when I try to paste the .exe im my tdu folder. Strange :sulk:
  8. Hah, I really wonder how you guys get the cam hack to work. I tried all kind of versions but no one worked for me :/
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