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  1. Actually that's a better idea than what I have now (Ace at 98%) I will try, :)
  2. Well thanks to Project Paradise my little modification now makes sense. For those who are old players who lost their savegame and want to play HC mode from the start, it's possible. Of course you still have to get some cash going, buy some cars and get some roads unlocked. For those who want to repeat the game in HC mode, it's also possible now since Project Paradise enables HC mode in SP races, so thank you speeder and lean. :D [HCx] mod | turboduck forum About fuel consumption, I used to worry about it all the time but now I don't even bother, it automatically spawns you to the gas station and re-spawns you to where you once were (like say if you were cruising with a group). Sure you have to play catch up but it only happens like every 20-30 mins. A little less fuel consumption would be nice.
  3. This mod will enable hardcore mode, all roads unlocked achievement, and you get 6% progress and amateur level which unlocks photo mode as soon as you rent your first car. You will unlock HC mode no matter what rank you are below Champion. This mod will also enable you to get Ace at 98%, which I believe is where people get stuck at when they do their game the normal way (IE without Ace project). Instructions: replace the DB.bnk, which is in your main tdu folder in Euro then Database, back up yours and replace it with the db I provided Start the game Choose hardcore mode Drive????? IF you want to keep your own car physics, car cameras, car colors, etc, extract the Achievements.db from the DB.bnk i provided, and replace the one you already have in your own DB.bnk. I would recommend using TDU Modding tools to do this. Requirements: You need Project Paradise to play SP races in HC, and play online so it's a must have for a TDU player. TDU Project Paradise, you can get it here Test Drive Unlimited: Project Paradise [v0.03A PUBLIC BETA AVAILABLE!] | turboduck forum FAQ: I just made a new profile and I don't see the Hardcore mode option? You have to start a new game, and when you get to your first house, re-load tdu or your profile and you should see the option to choose HC. You will see the achievements as you're renting your first car. Will people see Champion sign/Ace sign when I'm still a Rookie, etc. No, they will only see a H sign if you're in hardcore mode, which will raise some eyebrows if you're not a champion yet. :D If I have the unlocked all roads achievement, are all the roads unlocked? No, you have to discover all the roads by driving on them, you just get the all roads unlocked achievement. If I'm at 32% or whatever, will I get HC mode or do I have to restart my profile? Yes you will have HC mode and you will have HC mode in all the ranks. No you don't have to restart your profile. So if I was previously a Champion at 98-99%, will I be an Ace now? Yes. If it's at 99% where you get stuck, let me know I will change it. :) Download: [HCx] TDU.zip (566,79 KB) - uploaded.net thanks to: $p4c3 Combat and Project Paradise. This little modification I did years ago wouldn't make any sense if we couldn't play HC mode in SP races. :lol: If there are any bugs or concerns, let me know.
  4. I have a G27 and I had those same issues, try checking combined pedals in the profiler, which did the trick for me. Have already told lean, who has told speeder but was told speeder did not have any issues with the fix, so I assumed I was the only one. Obviously you are not able to press the gas and brake at the same time anymore, but rarely have to in a game such as TDU. But you will be able to map the gas and brake perfectly fine now. leds work good, and so does the FFB, 900 degrees, just like how my G25 worked before. I was told you can use enb with the mod. Tried myself few weeks ago but it didn't connect to the server. ENB has a function to use another d3d9 in the ini file.
  5. I'd love to join for testing!! If you guys ever have any more. Me and another tdu1 player both. Can't wait to have long good cruises again with space and combat lol. and, jcl, tuffguy, ksk, jzjamm, brsirius, the list goes on!
  6. Here are a few videos from a friend in the game back when TDU was, well.. still online. Thought I'd share with you all here on tdu-c. I recall he told me he used to have a few profiles and record with a different one each time so people wouldn't know anyones recording and no one won't feel intimidated to try to drive at their best while hes recording. Anyways I thought I'd share the channel, some pretty good content, mostly crashes.. but still good. :lol: TDUTimes - YouTube for the curious ones, I was Lordofmessiah in the game. So excuse me if I'm a little biased on previewing the videos that have me in it..:lol: I kid I kid; All of them are great of course, some people that I recall who are in some of the videos, space, ksk, jcl, UGG group, zsc, greywulf, djtinnio, jzjamm, cs, palmer, brsirius and their whole br clique lol, etc, really too many names to mention. Most of who I've cruised with for a very long time. Unfortunately since the demise of the tdu1 servers and how horrible tdu2 ended up to be, which I still play from time to time, everybody has sort of went their own ways. hopefully if speeder and maybe a few of his minions sorts it out (fingers crossed) we'll be able to enjoy tdu 1 at its finest again. :D A few of my favs; Skip to 4:23 for JCL's money shot, haha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJjWpIqJOxw UGG crew in here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXNCVhlpqBM pretty cool sound track, oddly from nfs carbon; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrDa1NcF_ZQ and well, the end; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR5cZM4IR1Q please bear with me, youtube embed doesnt wanna work with me here. enjoy the videos tho on behalf of cdub recordings and editing. :)
  7. Oh yeah I'm sure you know, and I recall reading that a long time ago, just seems odd that eden would make the same mistake in TDU2, then again what am I saying. :lol:
  8. Here's some random photos I took using elvis enb settings;
  9. thanks for the infos, the mileage editor is pretty neat but it seems TDU2 has the same problem as in TDU1 with mileage, after a certain number I think at about 30k in tdu2 only when you go over 100 mph does the mileage actually acknowledge that you're driving. :lol:
  10. I was messing with this awhile back when boris first released it but just for fun, but your config is actually pretty nice for overall use! Maybe the reflections are just just a little too high on ur config, but its still very good.
  11. any update on this? well mostly about possible online capabilities, or is it a lost cause?
  12. i'm surprised ksk-dos and trainfield still play this game. good luck. :)
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