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  1. Right ho lads, probably a bit late in the evening for some of the UK lads but I'm going in...
  2. Cheers lads. I'll have a play with that later. Mods... got a few already, even retained the winter mod on a separate executable... Had a drive last night and found about 35 people online, those I did bump into were all good connections so everything appears to be running better than when Atari hosted it - no surprises there then. Hi Ryan, long time mate :) Oddly enough I was showing one of your videos to one of the lads that works for me, seems he has the xbox version and was quite amazed to see what could be done on a PC :nods:
  3. First off thanks to Speeder and the TDU revamp team for being totally awesome. I was online the night the servers got killed and despite many attempts to replace my TDU addiction, I failed. I've been missing this and now you have given it back to me so thanks again. To all my old cruising buddies, Duke, Pogo, Col - time to polish the caterhams lads...;) Now my only gripe is the G27 fix is missing from the host at the end of the link on the first page, I will admit to skipping the last 40 pages of this thread as I got fed up with reading comments from other people who failed to read the first post properly.I have spent the last few nights reading the first 140 pages though... Has the G27 fix been removed or am I just missing a trick here.
  4. Hey Phil. I agree with ScoobSTi, The Crew is the closest I've seen so far and it's big... way bigger than TDU. I had a couple of hours on the beta but using the keyboard I was useless... ;)
  5. Hi Chaps. long time no see. Just like to point out that you lot have done an awesome job and shown remarkable patience with this. Well done. I'm just starting a clean install of the game from the original DVD but would like to progress it through to a fully modded version. Is there anything I need to watch for that may trip me up other than the update servers being slow? All the best and keep up the awesome work. Adrian ETA which file/folder do I need to recover from the old install to bring my profile over into the new install?
  6. Mk1 and Mk2 escort mainly but over the years Dutton used triumph donors at first, then fords. The little green one is a Legerra ZS and there were about 180 kits built between '88 and '90. 2037cc pinto, 5 speed box and RWD. 685kg dry weight. The Sierra is a 1993cc pinto, 5 speed box and also RWD, rescued from a breakers as a chassis/body and recommissionsed for less than £500 inc purchase price. Tax exempt due to the age of the original donor vehicle its just cheap motoring. Check the Dutton Owners Club gallery pages for the rest of the 'flock'. he made quite a few different ones over the years. Hmmm... Two, who said I only had two ? :nuts: I have two Legerra's, the Sierra and a Phaeton series 4, the other two are off road. --- Post Updated --- Hi Dan. :hiya: It was Duke that prompted me with a text message, its good to know most of the gang is still around and I'm sure if they ever make a server that works we'd all be back on it PDQ.
  7. An acquaintance of mine called Emily and her band Pythia...
  8. We're all still lurking Pogo, just lurking, biding our time. Old skool, H mode madness. Everything else is for wimps...;)
  9. I am somewhat amazed to find this thread is still live and so decided to post a couple of my two toys. The green one is back aways on another page in history but the blue tonka toy is the winter car. BTW, hello all in TDU 1 land that remember me, I certainly seen some names on here that bring back memories of good cruises... IMAG0305 by Adrian Southgate, on Flickr My Dutton Sierra II by Adrian Southgate, on Flickr
  10. Well, i've not been here for quite some time, so glad to see that things haven't changed that much. I have just emailed Eden asking who owns the rights to the server side programme that ran TDU. IF I get an answer I will let you know. IF you feel like joining in and asking them for some action please feel free to chip in either by email or via facebook etc. Atari are, in my mind, a waste of space, never supported the game properly right from it's release date and certainly took advantage of the many fans of TDU, took the money and then let them down. Ubisoft wouldn't have done this to the fans, the FAR CRY 1 servers are still active to this day and thats even older than TDU. Too often these days people are ripped off by big companies who are only in it for the profit, Atari seem to have turned into one of those companies and I, like many others, will never buy another Atari game. They didn't listen to the beta testers on TDU2 who told them the physics were pants, the wheel support was pants and that they could have done a much better job by just expanding on the original game with DLC. I think there is still enough people out there who would support the original game if it were updated and hosted properly. Stick your 2p's worth in and mail them.
  11. I feel really let down at this moment. As stated in so many threads on the beta forums, the car handling is crap. Despite all the very technical feedback the devs got from the beta testers no real improvements were made in the physics engine and there are still a lot of features that don't work or weren't programmed. NFS style handling is just not up to scratch in this day and age. @ Diablo. If you were trying to promote a driving game would you ship a beta that had crap handling? How daft are they? All the time and effort that was put into the feedback on the handling seems to have been for nothing if they didn't give us a decent physics model to play in the first place. If true then I am disgusted they would do that to people who genuinely tried to help make the game better. If untrue and the beta handling carries forward into the final release then I won't bother. It will be such a let down for all the players who put so much effort in. The handling in the beta is an insult to anyone who drives a real car, making the final release that bad will surely spell doom for what was promising to be such a good sequel. Hardcore mode in TDU is a blessing compared to what they have at the moment in the beta.
  12. I will happily put my trust in Djey and the other selected members of the team to make a grand job of this.:thumbsup: After the amount of work done in TDU1 to make it better for the rest of us, who else could they have asked...? Apart from Ryzza, Me, Doob, Pogo, CFC.... :)
  13. So, I've bumped this again as a known issue, G27's just dont give force feed back in TDU1. Has anyone found a workaround for this. From what i've read ver 1.46 supported the G27 or provided some form of generic driver compatability for it but ver 1.66 / 1.67 do not. Some one on here must be able to source the file thats different that makes this the case. If its just one file from the early version (pre-patch) surely it can be restored / added into Ver 1.66. Am I the only one that uses a G27 on TDU these days? I just took out the G25 and replaced it with the G27 again. Keep swapping controller setups is a pain in the backside. There must be a fix for it?
  14. So.. drag it back up again... How did you find the G27? I have tried one since the above message was posted and found that there was no FFB in TDU. Bit of a let down really. Have any of the clever programmer types on here managed to edit the file which the game uses to recognise game controllers? BUMP
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